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Looking to add some firepower to your diapering arsenal? Want to ensure that you are always packing enough heat to subvert diaper disasters? Meet The Tank. The poop-suppressing, leak-quelling, bomb-proof insert that will thwart even the most sophisticated battle-plans from your heavy-wetting little warrior.

Parenting is a many-faceted experience.

Some days it’s giggles, snuggles, and breathing in that inexplicably intoxicating baby smell.

Some days it’s making tough choices.

And some days it feels like walking into battle.

Especially in the early years of parenthood. When you are grim-faced and determined, but also lack confidence.

Because, let’s face it, even though you did some pre-war basic training…

...No amount of parenting magazines and Googling can prepare you for life in the trenches of parenting.

And there is nothing like a few sleepless nights in the foxhole (the small crawl space between the crib and the dresser), with an adversary of your own creation, to make you feel hardened and battle-weary.

Now, the team at Lil Helper are a generally pacifistic bunch.
As loveable tree-huggers, we shy away anything more violent than an aggressive handshake.

But if anything is going to get us riled, it is an SOS from allied parents on the front-lines of childrearing.

And when we hear about fellow freedom-fighters doing battle with poopsplosions, diaper leaks, and rashes…

Well, let’s just say...

And even though the enemy has access to weapons of mass destruction…

Lil Helper has designed a whole arsenal of products to make you battle ready.

Including our newest inserts. We have simply dubbed them, The Tank. Durable and bullet-proof, The Tank will help level the playing field when you are feeling out-gunned by your little one’s ability to fill a diaper.

Here’s why:

Best of both worlds: A go-to strategy for many Lil Helper veterans, is to combine a small charcoal insert with a large bamboo insert, for maximum leak-fighting efficacy. It works amazingly well because the fast-absorbing charcoal insert quickly grabs and wicks away moisture. It then transfers it to its thirsty bamboo brother-in-arms, who is better equipped to shoulder the liquid load. The problem is that this mix and match approach leaves mismatched inserts. We believe in leaving no man (or insert) behind, so we have made this winning combo standard-issue from here on out.

Hidden Secret Weapons: Though it may not appear as formidable as its name implies, the tank is packed with plenty of hidden features to help it win the war on wetness. A layer of our Bamboo Stay-Dry Liner has a covert placement on the bottom of the small insert. This helps to distribute moisture more easily between inserts and keeps the baby feeling dry.

Bullet-Proof Bottom Layer: [Our legal department (my great aunt Jums and her 3 cats) has informed us that we cannot call our inserts bulletproof anymore because a certain someone made an armour of our inserts and went to play paintball and got injured. Steve I am so livid at you for making us lose this great marketing opportunity.] Okay, so it isn’t actually bullet proof. BUT it is lined with PUL, making it waterproof. This means that moisture stays in the inserts, letting you reuse covers and ensuring that there is no unwanted seepage.

Win the War on Stains: We all have haunting flashbacks of that stain we just couldn’t defeat. With the Tank you need not worry. All front-line fighting materials that face the business end of your baby are coloured to hide any battle scars.

Fierce and Funky: I know that some folks don’t fancy camo, but we are here for any opportunity to rock a great print. That’s why we are pumped about the cute prints you will find on each Tank insert set. Who says you can’t be both a fierce warrior and fashion monger? Just to be super clear, the prints on your Tank inserts will be a surprise. You cannot choose or request any specific prints.

As parents ourselves, we know that when you are eyeballs deep in the trenches of parenthood things are noisy, chaotic, and tiring.

But we also know that the cease-fire will come before you know it and you may miss your warrior days when it does.

Until then, enjoy every moment of both the struggles and the snuggles and know that Lil Helper has your six both on and off the battlefield.

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