Overnight Insert Set

$17.00 +340pts

They say money can’t buy happiness and we believe that is true. But a little bit of money can buy these amazing Overnight Inserts that are designed to keep your baby dry and, most importantly, asleep all night long. And really, for any parent, that is certainly close enough.

2 inserts per set (1 Small + 1 Large).

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Insert: Polyester with polyurethane backing

Liner : 100% Polyester

  1. Pre-wash or pre-rinse cycle with line 1 of detergent. This removes most of the pee.
  2. Heavy-Duty wash (longest cycle) on warm (max. 140 F/60 C) with recommended amount of detergent. Make sure you use enough detergent.
  3. Line dry when you can or tumble dry on medium.
  4. Use a reputable, commercially available detergent - Tide Original
  5. Do not use laundry soaps such as castile or coconut based soaps and detergents with fabric softener.
  6. Watch your favourite reality show. Light up a celebratory cigar with a glass of red and give yourself a pat on the back for choosing a reusable swim diaper. A cape is recommended but not necessary.

Lasts all night

Finding an overnight setup can be a challenge for even the most experienced cloth diaper parent. Our Overnight insert will last 10-12 hours. This takes the guess-work out of finding a night time diaper that won’t have your babe waking up looking like they just hit the beach.

ALL the absorbency!

You get 8 layers of absorbency in our Overnight inserts. So whether your baby is filling it with pee all night, or you need a quick solution when they spill juice everywhere, these babies should do the trick.

Leaks on lock.

If all the absorbency wasn’t enough to make these the perfect nighttime solution, the built-in leak stopping features sure are. There is an extra gusset sewn into the legs and a waterproof layer of PUL on the underside to keep all the moisture in baby’s diaper, where it belongs.

Worried about baby feeling wet?

Sleep soundly knowing their diaper is stay-dry

A lot of babes will wake up at night because they feel uncomfortable in a wet diaper. And while we can’t entirely blame them for that, it can leave you consuming caffeinated beverages at an alarming volume the next day. The charcoal fabric of our Overnight Inserts is completely stay-dry. The only way you will even know it is wet in the morning is by the weight of the diaper (which will also be alarming).

Two for the price of one.

Two inserts for custom absorbency.

To say that Lil Helper is a bit “much” might be the understatement of the century but we have found that, often, more is actually more. Maybe it’s because we deal with products for little beings who produce MORE liquid that seems possible. It is also why we decided to include two inserts in every Overnight Insert set. A large insert that does the heavy lifting and then a smaller insert that can be left flat, folded, placed strategically, or taken out entirely depending on the needs of you and your tiny moisture maker.

Convinced your kid is part fire hydrant?

Great for heavy wetters or older babes.

Like, seriously, where does all the pee come from? It doesn’t seem possible that they have room for so much in such a tiny package. So if the peeing power of your little one is starting to overpower their diapers, these inserts may help. If your kiddo is over 18 months or a super soaker extraordinaire, then we suggest you give these a try. Some other great wetness-thwarting solutions include our Tank inserts or Boosters.

Getting your baby sleeping through the night is often one of our earliest and most daunting goals as parents. And while we can’t guarantee that our Overnight Inserts will stop your baby from deciding that a 2am dance party is a good idea, we can promise it won’t be because they woke up wet.



Want more tips on getting your baby to sleep? Us too. Pass ‘em our way. Until then, here’s some more info about our Overnight Inserts.

Full FAQ Page

Newbie Guide

The overnight inserts will hold approximately 300 ml of liquid! If you find you have a heavy wetter and a heavy sleeper, you may need to add some extra boosters for added absorbency. This is especially true if your little one is one of those rare babies that sleep 10-12 hours uninterrupted, yes we see you, yes we are jealous!
Your overnight inserts can be washed with all your other diaper laundry on warm. We do recommend hand rinsing your diapers first thing in the morning, this is because when there is that much pee in a diaper for that long ammonia can start to form. Hand rinsing any pee out first thing after that long, hopefully sleep filled night, will help your inserts stay fresh. Hang dry or dry on low!

Customer Reviews

Based on 196 reviews
Amazing absorbency

I bought these inserts because my toddler is still using nighttime diapers and I wanted to alleviate some of the waste I was creating by using disposable overnights (with booster pads). These overnight inserts have been WONDERFUL! They hold up the entire night without any leaks. I purposely only bought 2 of these inserts so that I would be forced to do laundry every 2 days so that there isn't any smelly diapers laying around. I'm very happy with this purchase and intend on using them until my toddler is overnight potty trained.

Fantastic absorbancy!

These were amazing. I usually only had to use the thick insert alone, and then for another night, I would use the Tank insert plus the skinny one included in this pack. We've been using them for 2 years and it's been perfect!

Our Overnight Inserts are definitely an awesome choice for night time. They can last 10-12 hours since you get 8 layers of absorbency. We assure a great night sleep for the both of you! Thank you for trusting Lil Helper for the last two years, Candace! - Lil Helper Delight

Courtney Dwyer
Much needed.

I ordered these because my boy pees so much at night. They have only leaked once out of like 5 times. These hold so much and still feel dry when he wakes up. I need to buy more!

Hey Courtney! Our Overnight inserts are perfect for heavy wetters! They will hold approximately 300 ml of liquid and will last 10-12 hours. It also gives you 8 layers of absorbency this is why it feels dry when he wakes up! Thank you for the love, Courtney! - Lil Helper Delight

Chris Wells
Super Soaker!

We love these for night time! Up until our little one was 3 months old, we could get away with one of these for the whole night. Since then, we do either switch out the whole insert set with a fresh one if she wakes up mid way through the night, or if it's not super saturated, we'll just switch out the top liner to keep her bum dry. We have found that we have greater success pairing the large liner with one of the bamboo stay dry boosters vs the small liner that comes with this set, but still use the small liners for an extra little boost with the other liners when it makes sense to do so. These are a must for successful overnights in our opinion!

Lexie Gerl

I love the simplicity of these overnight inserts! With pockets I had to stuff 3-4 bamboos inserts inside, ugh. With these and the Lil Helper cloth diaper, I just snap on the buttons, no extras needed for my heavy wetter little boy. So easy, I bought several more once I tried one 🥰

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