A Tradition

Let this limited-time available novelty item be part of your Christmas ornaments commemorating your Lil Helper memories.

Add a lil joy to any order

Placing a smaller order or want an extra? No worries . Just add one to your cart and we will send it your way.

A gift for you or anyone else    

Don’t worry, Santa Mo is very pro regifting. These lil beauties are the perfect way to spread some love to anyone awesome this holiday season.

Whether you are in the holiday spirit or not, we get it.

Are you feeling great or a lil grinchy?

Maybe it’s because we usually have too many places to go, things to do, and people to see. Maybe it’s because hauling our sugared-up, overtired offspring to all of these places is what parents’ nightmares are made of.  Because, let’s face it, “holiday magic” isn’t made from the sparkle in Santa’s eye and reindeer farts. It is actually a potent cocktail of hard-work, stress, tears, and love mixed up every year by parents and caregivers everywhere.


But, even if you don’t like gingerbread or candy cane everything...

There is no denying that it is magic.

The sparkling lights. The wicked awesome songs. The endless supply of delicious things to eat. Our kids’ excitement. Visiting with people you don’t see enough. Reaching out to friends and strangers to spread kindness. This is where the magic of the holidays lives. And even though it can involve some work to find it, the payoff is usually more than worth it.

So, no matter how you plan to celebrate the season, remember to keep the magic alive in the simple ways that you are able to. Spread good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.  

Happy Holidays from Uncle Mo and all the whole team at Lil Helper… even the grinchy ones.