Lifesaver XL Mat (Pre-order) - CLOSED


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  • Why pre-order?

    Along with the pure joy and excitement you will feel when getting your awesome new goodies, pre-ordering also has many benefits. You will be getting your pre-ordered items at a discounted price as well as guaranteeing that you will be able to get the item and print you want. 

  • Is the preorder at a discounted price?

    Yes it is! The pre-order price is an exclusive deal that will only be offered during the pre-order.

  • When will the product arrive?

    The item will arrive approximately 4 months after the pre-order closes. Please see individual product information for the approximate date. Any delays will be properly communicated to you.

  • Can I cancel my order after placing it?

    You can cancel your order until the final day of the pre-order by emailing . Once the pre-order has closed cancellations are no longer permitted. 

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