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Getting ready to bring a baby home can be a pretty daunting task.

Even if you disregard the emotional ramifications and lifestyle changes (which are their own bundle of crazy)...


There is still physical preparation to take into consideration.

Even if you don’t come down with a full-blown case of “nesting,” you still need to make sure that you have all the things you need to make sure baby is clean, comfy, and fed.


Before our first was born I was in a frenzy, trying to make sure that I had all the gear I needed to be newborn ready. Onesies, blankets, towels, and some completely impractical but irresistibly adorable baby shoes.


I was also lucky enough to be gifted an adorable assortment of baby necessities, including some washcloths. My friends had picked out the cutest prints and rolled everything up to look like a cake.

I took them home, cut off tags, folded them up, and stacked them in the bathroom, ready to cleanse my sweet baby’s precious face.

The arrival of our baby was a whirlwind. The first week was a blur of never-ending diaper changes and feedings and my memories of that time are hazy at best.


I’m not certain if I washed my own hands at any point in that first week (I must have… right?), so needless to say the cute little cloths sat more or less forgotten.

The following week my mom’s best friend JC, who is like a second mom to me, came to visit.

She stomped through our apartment inspecting everything we had purchased for “her pudding pop.”

Now JC can be a little particular, but it comes from a place of love.

Plus, I was so happy to have an extra pair of hands around that she could have told me I needed to burn the place to the ground and I wouldn’t have cared.


She quickly determined that we didn’t have enough onesies and that our apartment was unfit for habitation.

She kicked us out for the day and went to town cleaning and organizing.


When we were allowed to return from our exile, our home was spotless and meticulously organized.

But JC still wasn’t happy.

im not happy

She led us to the bathroom and picked up one of the adorable washcloths.

“What is this?” She asked, appalled.

“JC, it’s a washcloth for the baby, duh! Look! Winnie the Pooh!” I fawned in response.

I saw fire flash in her eyes and knew that this was not the response JC was looking for.


“Have you felt this?!?!” She cried. “It’s like sandpaper! You’re not using these on my pudding pop, no way!”

By this point, my mom pride was a little prickled and my husband was looking exasperated. I knew that we were new at this, but how could we have possibly screwed up something as simple as washcloths?

But we both knew that humouring JC’s whims was our best bet, so my husband turned around, picked up the car keys, and began his search.


Being a new dad (and a man) he had no idea which were the “right ones,” so he returned with 5 different sets of washcloths, each one softer than the last.

He submitted them to JC for inspection.

Of course, the only ones that were “suitable” were made of the plushest bamboo terry I had ever felt.

JC wanted my poor hubby to march back out right then to get more.

I saw a fire (eerily similar to JC’s) flash in my hubby’s eyes and knew I was about to have trouble on my hands.


So I assured JC that we would get more cloths and not let anything else come within 500 metres of our baby’s skin.

After she left, I prepped and folded JC’s precious cloths, but as a matter of that prickled pride I decided to put them at the bottom of the pile.


The next time I had a mess to attend to I grabbed some from the Winnie the Pooh pile.

This was one of the first times that being a new parent taught me that there is no such thing as pride once children enter the game.

swallow your pride

I washed up those cute cloths and they immediately became unusable.

They curled at the edges, making it IMPOSSIBLE to ever use the full surface area every again and sending me in to a mom-rage every time I unsuccessfully attempted to fold them.


After one or two washes they got these horrible black spots on them from the crappy fabric, which never looked or felt properly clean again.


And they were so rough! The only thing I have found them useful for is exfoliating my skin and scuffing my kitchen cabinets before a DIY paint job.


JC was right.

I sent my poor hubby back out to retrieve more of the mythical cloths but when he got to the store, there were none left.

i dont believe you

Sold out.




To this day, we cherish those damn washcloths.

They’ve only ever gotten softer. They have traveled around the world and back with us. And we have never found anything like them again.

my precious

Until now.

Introducing Lil Helper’s Boofas

Baby Bamboo Loofahs: But their friends call them Boofas. They are made of that magical bamboo terry that is the perfect combination of absorbent and soft.

Multipurpose: Use it as a loofah, washcloth, cloth wipe, makeup remover, emergency towel, emergency booster. The possible uses for these wondrous little washcloths.

Pretty and Practical: Our Boofas don’t feature any licensed characters, prints, or patterns, but they come in a pack of 4 gorgeous colours.

Soft, soft, soft, soft, soft: Did I mention that they are soft?

I don’t know how he did it.

I don’t know what baby bath god he prayed to or what he had to sacrifice to that god.


But Mohammed found it in a magical textile warehouse... the bamboo terry that has been haunting our dreams for years.

sleeping puppy

And yes, they pass the JC test. I’ve already sent her 10 packs.

prayer five

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