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Life is all about balance. Some days, you have it all together. You get a good night’s sleep, you treat your body like a temple, and you have an uneventful enjoyable day with your kiddos. Other days are a write-off from the time your feet hit the ground. The baby wakes you at an hour that should not exist, you treat your body like an active dumpster fire, and your kids turn sensory play into an excuse to go feral. Whether you are experiencing big fun or big chaos, it is good to have big backup. Like our XL everything mat, the Lifesaver XL.

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LENGTH: 57 inches
WIDTH: 40 inches

  1. Heavy-Duty wash (longest cycle) on warm (max. 140 F/60 C) with recommended amount of detergent. Make sure you use enough detergent.
  2. Line dry when you can or tumble dry on medium.
  3. Use a reputable, commercially available detergent, either plant-based or synthetic
  4. Do not use laundry soaps such as castile or coconut-based soaps and detergents with fabric softener.
  5. Watch your favorite reality show. Light up a celebratory cigar with a glass of red and give yourself a pat on the back for choosing Lil Helper. A cape is recommended but not necessary.

Keeps moisture in its place

The bottom layer of the Lifesaver is lined with a medical grade waterproof material. Now you can lay your baby down for a nap on anything from grandma’s heirloom quilt to the persian rug in the guest room, with no worries! I’m not sure why you would… but you can.

Baby stays dry

Hidden deep in the magical depths of this mat are layers of absorbency that will hide a shocking amount of liquid. Plus the naturally wicking charcoal topper will hide stains and keep everything feeling dry.

Big mat = big potential

The Lifesaver XL is a direct result of the love our customers have for our Lifesaver Original mat. But as great as the OG is, our loyal Lifesaver fans have been yearning for something a lil larger. Sized at 56”x40” the Lifesaver XL takes all the awesome of its predecessor to a bigger size and scale.

We aren’t kidding when we say life-saving...


One Mat, SO MANY Uses 


A play mat when going to the park or a friend's place. Portable sleeping area. Wind-proof stroller cover. Blanket. Mattress Protector. Towel. Sensory bin containment. (Head over to our FB group Lil Helper: Unsnapped and search “lifesaver” to see all the ways our patrons are using this mat… cuz there are A LOT). And the extra surface area on the XL means it has even more life-saving potential.

Easy to use, easy to take care of.


Family Heirloom In The Making


The waterproof barrier is guaranteed to outlast 200 commercial launderings. Your rugged jeans that you spent a whole afternoon picking out and that give you “internet breaking” curves will tear into rags after just 100 washes. And yes! It can go in the dryer too.

Want to secure your place in the Friendship Hall of Fame?


Awesome Gift Idea 


The Lifesaver line is designed to tackle a variety of childrearing crises, both at home and in the wild. It is something that literally ANY parent will be able to find at least one use for. All while looking adorable, in prints that new and veteran parents alike will love.


Slices of cake, cups of coffee, the amount of patience you are graced with for the day… sometimes size REALLY does matter. So throw the XL in your cart and be prepared for anything life throws your way, big or small.



Looking for more effortless parenting hacks? Us too. If you find some, send them our way. In the meantime, here is more info about this wicked awesome mat.

Full FAQ Page

Newbie Guide

We recommend washing your Lifesaver XL on a heavy-duty warm cycle with a recommended commercially available detergent. Always line dry when you can, if not please tumble dry it on low! Any time you are dealing with super mega absorbent materials, we recommend avoiding any sort of fabric softener or dryer sheets that can coat the fabric and cause repelling.
Our new XL mats are a bit under 2x the size of our Lifesaver originals!
The design on these things is equal parts simple and genius! There is a waterproof backing that comes in our AH-MAZING prints. Paired with our comfy stay dry charcoal material you find in our beloved cloth diaper inserts. Our charcoal layer is a thirsty combination of naturally wicking material that will absorb a torrent of liquid and will still keep the surface feeling dry.
Of course they can! They are great for putting on your child's bed at night, or even laying over furniture during the beginning phases of potty learning! They are fast to absorb, so they can catch the biggest of accidents that your toddler may throw at them!
Our Lifesaver XL mats are a whopping 57” x 40” The perfect size for just about anything life throws at you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Exactly what I needed!

I have a little one that still wets the bed and this is perfect for their twin bed. I do find it slides around a bit because my kid is a roller, but I’m able to put it on the bed in a way where it covers the area I need it to and it keeps the bed dry like a dream! I tried the original and it moved too much for what I needed it for. The XL Lifesaver mat is great and I highly recommend it! I wish there was a way to keep it a little more in place for bigger beds, like when the little ones want to crawl into mine, but I am still impressed with this mat and it does exactly what I need it to do!

Iife changing

We got this for nighttime for my son but wow it has so many uses, periods, car journeys, playtime and more! It's stay dry is amazing we used cloth nappies and wish we had found this company sooner. This size is the only we've found to cover the double bed both my sons share. Really brilliant product!


Love this mat!

Best Mat EVER!

I personally use this as a menstruation product and for easy cleanup in the bedroom. Super absorbent and very comfortable!

Hey Lori! This mat is great for to protect your mattress during shark week! It absorbs so much moisture and keeps it well hidden inside as the adorable side is made of PUL which is waterproof! It also keeps you comfortable because it's made of absorbent microfiber. It's super soft and cozy to snuggle up on. - Lil Helper Delight

Aileen Mower
Cute and Functional

This mat is of course adorable but also does exactly what it says it does. I bought it for under my kids’ homeschool workspace. They have dropped paint, markers, playdoh and who knows what else, and after washing, it looks brand new. I’ve tried other mats for this space, and this is the only mat that stays put. The thickness of the materials is unmatched. You won’t be sorry if you buy one!

Hey Aileen! Our Lifesaver mats are indeed adorable and functional as it can be used in many different ways! The mat will always keep any surfaces it sits on spotless! It's a great idea for Uncle Mo to make them stain free, as it worked really well for your son's workspace! The thickness is from its absorbent microfiber layer. It will surely last for a long time and would still look brand new! - Lil Helper Delight

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