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Rated 4.64 out of 5 based on 493 customer ratings
493 reviews

Attention new customers! Here’s your chance to try Lil Helper risk free. Get a huge discount on your first diaper, plus free shipping and a bonus gift! Deal includes one Charcoal Cloth Diaper (solid colour or print) which comes with a pair of our Charcoal Inserts already. Available to new customers only.

I, a cloth diapering enthusiast, hereby declare that I have never ever purchased the Lil Helper Trial Diaper before.

I, a responsible consumer with impeccable taste, also solemnly swear that I am purchasing this amazing cloth diaper for my beautiful self and no one else.

I, an agent of positive change, acknowledge that life is beautiful and I will pet a dog/cat if I see one and will be excellent to all people I meet.

Max. 1 per customer

Trial Diaper Infographic 1
Trial Diaper InfographicTrial Diaper Infographic

You: So what do I get in the trial kit?
Me: 1 Charcoal Cloth Diaper (1 Solid or print) that comes with 2 inserts each ($24.95) + shipping ($9.99) in Canada. The retail price for the trial kit is $34.94 but for this limited time offer you get it for $19.99 + FREE SURPRISE GIFT + FREE TRACKED SHIPPING.

You can also add anything else from our store for no extra shipping. Use Code: TRIALSHIP

You: So what’s the big deal about these diapers anyway?
Me: Short answer? They are the

Slightly longer answer? Since charcoal is stay-dry they work great as a night time diaper or when your baby has a rash or generally sensitive skin. All our cloth diapers come with 2 inserts each and the outer shell is a one-size waterproof cover that will fit your baby from birth till they are potty trained. This is how our customers react when they find out that Lil Helper is their new fave diaper.

You: Wow, great offer, I have been a long time customer of yours and I would love to add a colour or 2 to my stash?

Sorry. This limited time trial offer is only for 1st time customers who've never tried a Lil Helper Cloth Diaper. If you have used a Lil Helper cloth diaper before, you can attest to the fact that it is a quality product, backed by passionate customer service and you shouldn't have a problem getting one of the other bundles. This offer is specifically for the folks who are on the fence about Lil Helper as a company and not sure what to expect from the product.

You: May I buy some for my family or friends?

Sorry, this offer is for personal use only. You can certainly invite your friends and family to avail of this fab offer but cannot buy for them as gifts. The Shipping & Billing Address needs to be the same and headed for a personal residence or we will cancel the order and refund your money.

You: Still... such a great deal?? For your premium cloth diapers that everyone raves about?? I am going to buy my whole stash!!

Me: Hold on now. You can only buy one trial diaper kit, which includes 1 All-in-Two One-Size Charcoal Cloth Diaper + Free Shipping and a surprise gift. Only one cloth diaper trial kit per household.

You: What the %^&*? Why wouldn't you let us buy more diapers at this insane price?

Me: Precisely that- because it is kinda crazy. We are losing money even letting you buy these diapers. But we want you to try our amazing diapers first-hand so you know why Lil Helper Cloth Diapers are the best in the market.

You: Great offer! I will come by next month to buy a diaper.

WAIT! This is a limited time offer and we will pull the plug on this offer at any point. It is an experiment on our end. So it's now or never.

You: Tell me, what's the catch, I am tired and I feel like the great deal on this premium charcoal cloth diaper is too good to be true.
Me: Seriously, no catch. All we want is for you to try a Lil Helper Cloth Diaper with little to no risk, so you yourself can experience why our customers LOVE us so much.

You: So you are doing the old drug dealer trick, ha? The first hit is on the house but then we pay full price the next time around, right?
Me: Yes! You got it.

You: Thank you for having this awesome deal! It will make me comfortable ordering my entire stash from Lil Helper once I try out your diaper. Thanks!

Side note : This is my reaction each time a customer of leaves us a YouTube review.

So please, please leave us a review once you try our diaper.

You: What if I don't like my trial diaper? I can send it back, right?
Me: What? Not like our diapers? How could that be? IMPOSSIBLE! But please note: there are no refunds on trial diapers. That's why they are trial diapers, to see if it works for you. If you are having issues with your trial diapers (fit, leaks, snapping and so on) why not call or email us and we'll do whatever we can to help you out! We're always around somewhere: or 1-877-2-877-930.

You: One last question; how long does it take to ship the Trial Diapers specifically?
Me: Here is a video that should answer any questions you may be having right now:

No FAQs for this product.

  • Rated 5 out of 5 based on 493 customer ratings
    493 reviews

    "I am OBSESSED with these diapers! I was always mildly curious about cloth diapering, but my husband definitely wasn't. After the pandemic happened and we noticed a huge shortage of diapers in our town a few weeks before our baby was born, my husband said he thought cloth might be a good idea. I did a bunch of research only to be very quickly overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information there was--so many different types of diapers, inserts, etc (let alone the washing routines!). Someone recommended Lil Helpers and their trial diaper to me and I figured at $10, there wasn't much risk involved. Even before the baby was born, we ended up buying a day pack because we were so pleased with the diaper. Now that he is born, we LOVE THEM. They're amazing, awesome, incredible, marvelous, stunning, wonderful, spectacular! I thought that cloth diapering would be difficult but it's really not. In addition to the great products, the customer service is top notch--I have also joined their facebook group and it is full of helpful information. The more I learn about this company and all of their policies, the more I love it. I haven't bought any other kind of diaper and I don't plan to!"

    brittanynkobus | May 2020
  • Rated 5 out of 5 based on 493 customer ratings
    493 reviews

    "I’m somewhat new to cloth diapers and ordered a trial diaper, and absolutely love it! It shipped fast even with everything going on, I still received it quick! I love the double insert and I can use my other snap inserts with it as well! The fit is similar to the covers I currently use and love & I’m excited to order some more!"

    Emily Ramstorf | May 2020
  • Rated 5 out of 5 based on 493 customer ratings
    493 reviews

    "We received our diaper last week and so far we love it! My son is a very heavy wetter due to a kidney disease so we use both inserts and haven’t had any problems yet ♥️ And the diaper is super cute and very well constructed! Thank you"

    Patricia Zupancic | May 2020
  • Rated 5 out of 5 based on 493 customer ratings
    493 reviews

    "I really like that Lilhelper let's you buy a trial diaper at a discounted price. Being able to purchase a diaper to try before committing completely really shows how much they believe in their product. I have fallen in love with their diapers and this company. You instantly feel like family and their customer service is top notch! The diaper I received is super cute and I love all the features of it. Try it and you won't regret it!"

    Loni | April 2020
  • Rated 5 out of 5 based on 493 customer ratings
    493 reviews

    "This was an amazing deal for this diaper! I will be buying more of these for when my baby gets here. Very soft , and looks very well made from the other diapers I have ordered."

    shan.tea | April 2020
  • Rated 5 out of 5 based on 493 customer ratings
    493 reviews

    "I am new to cloth diapering so I purchased the trail diaper. We got the Wacky Cat print (so freaking cute). This diaper fits my daughter so well. It was easy to snap and wash. The outside is just as soft as the inside. I did purchase another brand to try and those don't fit my daughter as well. I've used this diaper for the past 2 days and I'm getting ready to order more because I just love them."

    bcmecking | April 2020
  • Rated 5 out of 5 based on 493 customer ratings
    493 reviews

    "We love our lol helper diapers. it is probably my go to diaper. I have 7 different brands and this by far is my favorite! I was so glad that they have a trial diaper that we could start with to see how we like it. I love the fact that it came with 2 inserts. we only need the 1 but as he gets older we might need both for added absorbency. I will definitely be ordering more soon. Thank you for the awesome product!"

    bswink_89 | April 2020
  • Rated 5 out of 5 based on 493 customer ratings
    493 reviews

    "I have been creating my stash since the second trimester of my pregnancy with a bunch of different diaper types and styles. Our Little One is finally big enough to use our cloths with and the Little Helper Diaper we have as a trial is my favorite! It's so cute and works great! Plus the AI2 system has been the best for our routine. I'm so glad they offered this trial deal, but I will be ordering more ASAP!"

    Jenni Koehler | March 2020
  • Rated 5 out of 5 based on 493 customer ratings
    493 reviews

    "With my other two children, I went with traditional diapering and they always became irritated. With this child, I have talked to several friends and they recommended trying cloth. I contacted a rep who was really helpful and recommended that I try the trial diaper. I was very pleased with how fast it came and the style and grade of material. With some of the others I have looked at, they were not as soft. I also like the charcoal liners as well because I was told that they will hide stains much better. Hoping to order more here in just a little bit."

    Abigail | January 2020
  • Rated 5 out of 5 based on 493 customer ratings
    493 reviews

    "I purchased this trial diaper for my growing cloth diaper stash for my soon to be born daughter. As a first time mom, I have no experience with diapering, let alone cloth diapering. LilHelper Diapers really makes you feel like you’re ordering from family, a very hilarious family! Unfortunately, I can’t attest to absorbency or fit, but these diapers feel and look top of the line and easy to use. Patterns are adorable too, always a plus! "

    Sarah | January 2020

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