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First, there was the spork. A glorious and utilitarian combination of everyone’s two favourite utensils. Now, Lil Helper has taken it to the next level by introducing the Smocket. This beauty is a long-sleeved smock with a crumb-catching pocket on the front, making it the ultimate accessory for mealtimes or messy playtime. It is the spork of the bib world and we promise you will love it just as much.


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Is it just me, or is this whole parenting thing getting harder with each new generation?

I know if I asked my parents this question, they would have some response about the parenting technology and convenience “gadgets” I have that make some of the day-to-day tasks easier.

Then they would likely hit me with something about what things were like “back in their day.”

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But what I don’t think they really understand, is how much expectations of parents have changed since they were raising us.

I feel like most days, my parents were just shooting for making sure we didn’t mortally wound ourselves while we were running wild in the backyard.

And don’t get me wrong, keeping your kid alive from one day to the next is an admirable goal, to be sure. Some days that is about as high as I can realistically set my parenting goals.

did you die

But that alone, apparently, isn’t enough anymore.

im afraid thats not good enough

No, no. You need to have it all, do it all, and be it all for your kids. All while operating in a world that places more demands on our time than ever before.

Play groups, bake sales, extra-curriculars, volunteering, one-on-one time with your kid, work, cleaning, self-care, time with your partner, eating, sleeping, breathing freaking oxygen…


Oh and you need to pretend like this is all easy-breezy. Because heaven forbid you let another parent see you sweat in the school drop-off line.

strategic hot mess

Now I’m not saying that my mom didn’t have to rush to bake some last minute cupcakes for a next-day bake sale because I forgot to tell her they were needed. Or that she didn’t struggle to balance her time and energy.

I’m just saying that her cupcakes didn’t need to be gluten, nut, and sugar-free, organic, non-GMO, social-media-worthy masterpieces, because society’s expectations have changed.


Now, to be fair, some of this extra stress is a little self-imposed. Are your kids really going to care if they have a themed birthday party with coordinated decorations?


Probably not, so long as they get to do something fun, open some gifts, get hopped up cake and cookies, and run around like the insane little gremlins they are.


But sometimes they do, especially when Stacey’s kid comes to play group talking about the pony she got for her half-birthday.

kevin hart

And the very last thing any parent wants to do is disappoint their kid.

Plus, there is something super satisfying about showing up Stacey and her Pinterest worthy, over-decorated, colour-coordinated, “Baby Got Her First Hangnail” extravaganza, complete with customized loot bags.


But all of this work striving to meet expectations takes its toll and exacts a price.

Sometimes it’s our energy.

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Sometimes it’s our sanity.

my brain

But most often, it is our time and it leaves us feeling like we are always a step behind.

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This is why we need those “newfangled” products our parents are in awe of seem more important than ever. Anything to make our day-to-day lives less chaotic and complicated.

Luckily, at Lil Helper, we specialize in making awesome products that work harder so you don’t have to.

we got you

Like our new Smocket. A multi-purpose little powerhouse that will become an indispensable tool in your child-rearing arsenal.

Check it out…

Manages Mess: The Smocket is a full-sleeve bib (a.k.a smock) with a crumb catcher on the front (or pocket). See what we did there? This bad boy is more than just a catchy name, however. It is designed to take all the mess your kid can throw at it, which means less mess for you to deal with.

Multi-Purpose: Dinner time. Arts and crafts time. Basically any time you think your kid might get messy is the perfect time to pull out the Smocket. Which, let’s face it, is pretty much ALL THE TIME.

Stays Put: Hats, teeny sunglasses, socks… all of these were things I spent the first year of my child’s life attempting to keep on his freaking body. What is the point of a product designed to protect your kid, if it doesn’t actually stay on your kid? The Smocket does not have that problem. With a snap to secure it at the neck and a tie closure to ensure it stays put at the waist, you can rest easy knowing that you will not be provoked into a rage when it falls off for the one millionth time, like their stupid booties.

Machine Washable: We have all had it happen to us. You find some product that fall in love with. It could be a new shirt. It could be a super awesome coffee mug. It seems like serendipity until you read the care instructions and see those dreaded words: Hand. Wash. Only. REALLY? Who has time for that? If you can’t stick it in a dishwasher or washing machine, then it just becomes another thing on your ten-page to-do list. No problem here with the Smocket. Toss it in the laundry and walk away.

For Big and Little Mess Makers: Spoiler alert for new parents...just because your child figures out how to get food in their mouth on the first try without dropping it or use a utensil does not mean the messes are going to stop. It will astonish you the new and creative ways that kids can come up with to get themselves and your home grubby. That is why the Smocket comes in two sizes: 6-18 months and 18-36 months.

Setting high expectations for yourself as a parent isn’t a bad thing. Nor is wanting to give you and your family the best life you can.

treat yo self

But balancing it all can make for a crazy ride.

So at Lil Helper, we promise we will always be working to make products that help make your needs, society’s expectations, and everyday life a little easier to manage.

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  • What is it made of?

    Our Smockets are made of a combination of printed and solid-coloured PUL - that means that they are working overtime to keep your babes outfit squeaky clean while they're doing everything they can think of to be as messy as possible.

  • Is it waterproof?

    Yes! The material used will keep shirts dry and clean through even the most wet messes.

  • What is the difference between the two sizes?

    Small is recommended for little ones 6-18 months old, and Large is recommended for 18-36 months. Both sizes have elastic wristbands and a tie up back to easily fit on babies of all shapes and sizes!

  • How do I wash it?

    Hand washing is preferable, but tossing it into the washing machine on a cold or warm cycle is alright too. Avoid using hot water. Hang to dry only.

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