cloth diapering is superior to a disposable diapering especially for newborn cloth diapers

New to the cloth diapering game?

These newborn cloth diapers were made for you. Literally. Made for the parent who might typically not use cloth diapers if it weren’t this foolproof. No stuffing, no swearing, no jargon. Just a simple cloth diaper that works.

Our bomb-proof inserts have got your six.

Each diaper comes with the inserts we have dubbed The Tank. For a full rundown on these bad boys, head to their product page. TL;DR version: these things last the night. Absorbent, trim, and backed with PUL to double down on the leak-killing powers of Lil Helper diapers.

No prep and easy care!

What sets our cloth diapers apart aside from our hilarious puns and gorgeous prints? How easy they are to use and wash. Our diapers and inserts are absorbent straight out of the package and washing them is just as easy!

Not sure if you can handle a ‘fluff bum’?

Our cloth diapers make choosing cloth a ‘no brainer.’

2 guide snaps so you’ll always know how to get a good fit. Stain-free cloth diaper cover-lining and dark coloured inserts. PUL belly band to prevent wicking. Inserts that are easy to use (simply snap them in the cloth diaper. No stuffing!) and that have staying power (12+ hours leak free).
We’ve thought of the million little details to make cloth diapering convenient, so all you have to worry about is which adorable reusable cloth diapers to order.

baby cloth diapers are better than a disposable diaper as they are reusable diapers that produce less waste and are more environmentally friendly

Worried about leaks? Or rashes?

Don’t. We’ve got you covered.

Literally everything about our diapers is designed to keep your baby, you, and all your earthly possessions protected from the absurd amount of liquid a kiddo produces.Cloth diapers can often wick moisture onto baby’s clothes and is inevitable with belly sleepers. Our PUL belly band helps prevent this occurrence. Pair that with our hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, stay-dry inserts and not only do you not have to worry about leaks but you can forget about diaper rashes too.

Made to last from birth to potty-training… for all your kiddos.

Baby cloth diapers from one baby to the next

Lil Helper reusable cloth diapers are made to last from one newborn to the next newborn. Our diapers fit from 7-35lbs so you can use our diapers from the newborn stage into toddler hood! Not just for one baby, but for all your babies. And your sister’s babies. On average our cloth diapers last for 2-3 kids before something gives up. There are folks who are using the same diapers for over 10 years. Everything from our premium elastics to our silicone labels is built to stand abuse. So when you are done with your diapers, you can pass them on along with your primo parenting tips. And because they are adjustable, the same set of cloth diapers can be shared with a new sibling.

reusable diapers and pocket diapers for babies with various prints and prefolds

But what about poop?

Easy to use, easy to wash.

Because you are the parent of a small child and don’t have time for anything complicated. Our diapers don’t require special detergent, soaking, or a ritual sacrifice to the laundry gods. Simply rinse any solid stuff, throw them in the washing machine then hang to dry or toss them in the dryer on low. Now pat yourself on the back for saving the environment while you drink your (cold) coffee.

Lil Helper has built its success on a solid foundation of the gratuitous use of cloth diaper gifs, poop-jokes, and chocolate-based bribery… oh and these cloth diapers (you should really try them out).



Have more cloth diapering questions? I guarantee our resident poop-gurus (a.k.a the cloth diaper moms who run Lil Helper) have heard them before.

Full FAQ Page

Newbie Guide

Hear ye, hear ye!! Lil Helper cloth diapers DO NOT NEED TO BE PREPPED!
Yes, you heard right, cloth diapers do NOT need to be prepped! Every cloth diaper and insert comes to you ready to be used with all the absorption you will ever need just waiting to wick away your baby’s wetness! (Cue happy diaper dance…) We do recommend giving the new cloth diapers a quick wash in the laundry at least once in warm or cold water to get rid of any dust that may have accumulated from the warehouse or shipping. You will only need to use ½ the recommended amount of detergent for this short cycle as the cloth diapers are already clean, you are just freeing them of dust.
You know when you buy your child that super sought after toy and then get it home only to see the fine print that all the amazing accessories on the box aren’t actually included…. Meaning more money and lots of tears ( from the kids and maybe even you! ).
We want to make your life as easy as possible, that is why all our reusable cloth diapers come with a cover AND inserts. So when you purchase a Lil Helper cloth diaper you get a diaper cover and a tank insert set. Meaning, you get the whole baby diaper so it’s ready to use without any extra purchases. How's that for easy and convenient?
Like peanut butter and Jam, bacon and eggs, or moms and coffee some of the best things come in twos. We designed our cloth diaper with two inserts to give you more flexibility in customizing absorption. You would use the small liner by itself when the baby is under 3-4 months. When the baby grows older then you can use the large liner in tandem with the small one. This gives you customizable absorbency as your baby grows.
Unsnapping your reusable cloth diapers and inserts properly will extend their lifespan (and save money for you) and keep the snaps in good shape. Here’s a video by Mohammed, Chief Doo-Doo Officer at Lil Helper explaining how to take care of the snaps. Enjoy.
I can almost categorically tell you that your child will not need any diaper creams whatsoever when using our reusable cloth diapers. But even if you were to use baby diaper creams, here is a good reason why you shouldn't be using any creams. The same impermeable layer of waterproof protection that the diaper rash cream forms on your child's bum is also transferred on the cloth diaper making it water-resistant.
Moisture won't be absorbed readily if you use rash creams on any cloth diaper, not only Lil Helper cloth diapers. If the diaper cannot absorb pee or poo then it will leak. We suggest avoiding all creams… yes even coconut oil. The icing on the cake is that ultimately with cloth there is less need for the creams anyways. We change more often reducing wetness and you avoid any of the harmful chemicals in disposables that may also cause irritation on our tushie of the newborn. Click here if you want to know more!