So. Much. Absorbency.

Our Bamboo Inserts come two to a pack (one small, one large). Each bamboo insert is made up of 4 layers of pee guzzlers (AKA absorbent materials). 8 layers of combined greatness that will handle anything your kiddo can throw at them.

Mix and match

All of our inserts can be used interchangeably with one another and our covers. This means you can mix and match to find the perfect combo for your little water fountain.

Green is the new black

Not only is cloth diapering an awesome choice to help the environment, the materials we chose to use were also chosen to be sustainable. Cotton fields can produce 2 tonnes of cotton in one hectare of land where bamboo can produce over 60 tonnes of product per hectare!.

Need to track your kid’s poop but hate stains?

Until you have kids you don’t realize the importance of poop.

With a lighter background than our Charcoal inserts, you’ll be able to document the colour, size, texture of whatever your kiddo put in it. This is especially helpful when dealing with medical issues. BUT since they aren’t white, after washing there will be no evidence remaining of the blueberry poop that made you think there must be something terribly wrong with them.

Squirmy babies?

Our inserts stay put… even if your baby won't.

All of our inserts attach to one another and the diaper cover with snaps. Your kid can wriggle as much as he wants. Our liners won’t budge. You’ll wish you could say the same about your babies once they start rolling through every diaper change.

Are you on the verge of ditching diapers?

Perfect for potty training

If you are looking for diapers to keep baby feeling dry our Charcoal or Tank inserts may be worth a look. But if you have an older kiddo who is getting ready to mount the porcelain throne, these bamboo bad boys may be your secret weapon. Bamboo is thirsty but doesn’t wick moisture as quickly, so it will allow your not-so-little ones to feel wet and (hopefully) teach them to start staying dry.

Whether it’s for feeding pandas or keeping your baby’s butt in a state of bliss, bamboo is where it’s at. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a craving for marshmallows and need to hide from my toddler in the pantry and enjoy some.



I wish we could talk about pandas or marshmallows some more but my expertise on those is tapped. Here’s lots more about diapers though.

Full FAQ Page

Newbie Guide

Small insert:The small insert is made up of 4 layers of pee guzzlers AKA absorbent materials. The 2 outer layers are bamboo. There are 2 hidden layers of micro terry. Large Insert: The large insert is made up of 4 layers. The 2 outer layers are bamboo. There is 2 hidden layers of micro terry.
Throw in with your diaper laundry. Hang to dry or dry on medium heat in the dryer.
The sun is a magical stain remover! Wash inserts and lay out in the sun while still wet. Voila! Nature's stain-b-gone!
Unsnapping your diapers and inserts properly will extend their lifespan and keep the snaps in good shape. Here’s a video by Mohammed, Chief Doo-Doo Officer at Lil Helper explaining how to take care of the snaps. Enjoy.
I can almost categorically tell you that your child will not need any diaper creams whatsoever when using our diapers. But even if you were to use diaper creams, here is a good reason why you shouldn't be using any creams. The same impermeable layer of waterproof protection that the diaper rash cream forms on your child's bum is also transferred on the cloth diaper making it water-resistant. Moisture won't be absorbed readily if you use rash creams on any cloth diaper, not only Lil Helper. If the diaper cannot absorb pee or poo then it will leak. We suggest avoiding all creams… yes even coconut oil. The icing on the cake is that ultimately with cloth there is less need for the creams anyways. We change more often reducing wetness and you avoid any of the harmful chemicals in disposables that may also cause irritation on our little ones tushie. Click here if you want to know more!