Lifesaver Original Mat

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From parenting, to sexy times, to your time of the month, life is messy. With soft layers of absorption and a waterproof backing, our Lifesaver Mat is made for mess. Simple, durable, adorable, and multipurpose, this mat has you and all your earthly belongings covered. Literally.

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LENGTH: 28 inches
WIDTH: 40 inches

  1. Heavy-Duty wash (longest cycle) on warm (max. 140 F/60 C) with recommended amount of detergent. Make sure you use enough detergent.
  2. Line dry when you can or tumble dry on medium.
  3. Use a reputable, commercially available detergent, either plant based or synthetic
  4. Do not use laundry soaps such as castile or coconut based soaps and detergents with fabric softener.
  5. Watch your favourite reality show. Light up a celebratory cigar with a glass of red and give yourself a pat on the back for choosing the Lifesaver Original Mat. A cape is recommended but not necessary.

Keeps moisture in its place

The bottom layer of the Lifesaver is lined with a waterproof material. That means that your bed, couch, or floor will stay dry as a bone and protected from any and all unexpected mess.

Baby stays dry

Hidden deep in the magical depths of this mat are layers of absorbency that will hide a shocking amount of liquid. Plus the naturally wicking charcoal topper will hide stains and keep everything feeling dry.

One Mat, SO MANY Uses

Sensory Play Mat
Mattress Protector
Potty Training Mat
Intimacy Mat
Period Protection
Incontinence Support
Sweat Soaker ...and more.

You will find yourself reaching for your Lifesaver for everything from avoiding messes.. to feeling just feeling like a hot mess.


Sometimes, size does matter.

Sized Perfectly

Goldilocks has daydreams about this bad boy, cuz it is not too big and not too small.The mat is sized at a convenient 28’’ x 40’’. This means it is big enough to be used on a toddler's bed and small enough to be tucked cosily in a crib. Since it is convenient for both at home and on-the-go, you’ll realize the uses are vast and it won’t be long before you decide you need more.

We call this “The Original” because there is a Lifesaver Mini and an XL version of this exact mat!

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Nobody has time for “hand wash only.”

Easy to use, easy to take care of.

Make your mess and then pop it in the washing machine. The waterproof barrier is guaranteed to outlast 200 commercial launderings. Your rugged jeans (that you spent a whole afternoon picking out and that give you “internet-breaking” curves) will tear into rags after just 100 washes. And yes! It can go in the dryer too.

Want to secure your place in the Friendship Hall of Fame?

Awesome Gift Idea

Friends don’t let friends do laundry any more than hygienically necessary. Once you discover all the uses for this mat, it would be selfish of you not to share. Plus it comes in beautiful prints and solid colours that anyone will love.

Whether you want to be known as the friend who gives the best gifts, or make the messiness of parenting or life look effortless (despite the fact that those jeans haven’t been washed in recent memory), the Lifesaver is the product for you.



Looking for more effortless parenting hacks? Us too. If you find some, send them our way. In the meantime, here is more info about this wicked awesome mat.

Full FAQ Page

Newbie Guide

This wash routine is easy peasy! The Life Saver mat can be washed with your regular wash, we do however caution against using hot water. We suggest not washing it with cloth diapers as its quite bulking and can disrupt proper agitation of the diapers. For drying we suggest hang drying, however, if tumble drying we recommend using LOW-MED heat.
The design on these things is equal parts simple and genius! There is a waterproof backing that comes in our AH-MAZING prints. Paired with our comfy stay dry charcoal material you find in our beloved cloth diaper inserts. Our charcoal layer is a thirsty combination of naturally wicking material that will absorb a torrent of liquid and will still keep the surface feeling dry.
The mat is sized at a convenient 28’’ x 40’’. The large change mat is big enough to be used on a toddler's bed. It is small enough to be tucked cosy in a crib.

Customer Reviews

Based on 405 reviews

Great people great product, feels more awesome in person than it looks like it would in the ads, it’s super soft

Definitely a lifesaver

I bought all three sizes and I love them. I got them before my little one arrived and on the first day of her coming home I put the mat down and set about changing her that she peed all over the place. The mat save me from cleaning up a huge mess. I have the original and the mini on rotation for changing her and the bigger one lives in the car. Definitely recommend. Easy to wash & dry too.

K.R., firstly, congratulations on your little one!
Thank you for choosing our mats and sharing your experience. Having all 3 sizes will give you tons of choices and have you well covered for every mess as your little one grows.
One caution, be careful leaving your Lifesaver Mat in the car over the summer - exposure to high heat can damage the PUL and affect it's waterproof properties!
Congrats again on your new arrival, please reach out to us if you have any comments or questions!
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

Joanne Seto
Worth it

This is a worth it purchase. Used it during heavy days and it was really helpful to keep our beddings clean.

Hi Joanne,
Thanks so much for sharing how you use your Lifesaver! Love that it is helpful to you on those heavy days and hope that you are having sweet dreams with no worries about your sheets!
With gratitude,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

Amanda Raemer
Good quality but not functional for us

While the materials and quality seem great, the PUL material side is very slippery. I had planned to use it as a mattress saver but the absorbent side is too hot and the PUL side makes it slip all over the mattress. I’m sure I’ll find another use for it but am disappointed to spend so much money and not have it be functional.

Hey Amanda, sorry to hear the Lifesaver isn't working with your original plan. If you still wanted to use it as a mattress saver you can put it under a bed sheet, it would prevent it from moving and still absorb a lot of liquid helping keep down on mess, even if it's under a sheet.
We're always here if you'd prefer a phone call to help you trouble shoot. 1-877-287-7930
With care,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

Olivia Harvey
Means business!

It's perfect, holds a lot of water, and super multipurpose-- I also use it to sleep on with wet hair when I don't want to bother waiting to pass out! Keeps the sheets dry, no matter the occasion ;)

Hi Olivia!
It always brings a smile to our faces hearing about all the fantastic way folks use our Lifesavers to keep things dry and mess free - thank you so much for sharing your experience!
With grateful hearts,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

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