Mystery 4 Pack Cloth Diapers

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Dive into diapering excitement with LilHelper's Mystery Pack!

Unwrap 4 SURPRISE Tank Cloth Diapers, that come complete with their own Tank Inserts 

Soft, absorbent, and easy-to-use, elevate diaper changes with LilHelper's Mystery Pack – surprises await! 🌈👶✨


A day’s worth of diapers

You get not one, not two, but FOUR of our wicked awesome Cloth Diapers. Our diapers are no-prep and ready to go right out of the package, so you can take “diaper prep” or “buy inserts” off the to-do list.

Tank Inserts

Okay, so it isn’t actually bullet proof. BUT it is lined with PUL, making it waterproof. This means that moisture stays in the inserts, letting you reuse covers and ensuring that there is no unwanted seepage. The Tank is like a diaper within a diaper.

No Decisions!

You only choose how many of these mysterious packs you want to order. Everything else is done! With the remaining brain cells, go watch some Netflix or get started on lil Apple Mo’s college applications. We’ll worry about getting this stuff to you, fast and free.

The question we get asked most often...

How many diapers do I need?

We’re big ole nerds and have done the math on this. Newborns will use more diapers, older babes fewer, and it averages out to about 10 changes a day. Then you factor in laundry. If you are not into doing laundry every day, we would recommend getting at least 2 and preferably 3 packs. That way you can wash every other day and still have a day's worth of diapers to get you through your wash routine. If you want to wait a lil longer between washes (we don’t recommend letting it go too long, because ew) then you will need a few more packs.



Not sure if you can handle a ‘fluff bum’?

Diapers so easy, anyone can use them.

These diapers were made for you. Literally. Made for the parent who might typically not use Cloth Diapers if it weren’t this foolproof. No stuffing, no jargon, no swearing. Just a simple diaper that works.

1) 2 guide snaps so you’ll always know how to get a good fit.

2) Stain-free diaper cover-lining and dark coloured inserts. PUL belly band to prevent wicking.

3) Inserts that are easy to use and that have staying power.

We’ve made all the hard decisions, your only job is to pat yourself on the back for being so eco-friendly!

Worried about leaks? Or rashes?

Don’t. We’ve got you covered.

Actually our inserts do. Each diaper comes with a set of inserts we have dubbed “The Tank.” Insanely absorbent and backed with waterproof PUL, these insert can provide 12+ hours of bulletproof leak protection. So not only do you not have to worry about leaks but you can forget about diaper rashes too.


Neil Armstrong once said, “Mystery creates wonder.” But obviously old Neil never left a kid’s lunch box in their bag over the weekend… lucky Neil.



Have more questions about the Poopthagorian Theorem that we used to create the daypack?🤓. Chances are you aren’t alone. Check out some of this great info to see if it helps.

Full FAQ Page

Newbie Guide

Hear ye, hear ye!! Lil Helper diapers DO NOT NEED TO BE PREPPED! Yes, you heard right, They do NOT need to be prepped! Every diaper and insert comes to you ready to be used with all the absorption you will ever need just waiting to wick away your baby’s wetness! (Cue happy dance…) We do recommend giving the new diapers a quick wash at least once in warm or cold water to get rid of any dust that may have accumulated from the warehouse or shipping. You will only need to use ½ the recommended amount of detergent for this short cycle as the diapers are already clean, you are just freeing them of dust.
You know when you buy your kid that super sought after toy and then get it home only to see the fine print that all the amazing accessories on the box aren’t actually included…. Meaning more money and lots of tears (from the kids and maybe even you!). We want to make your life as easy as possible, that is why all our diapers come with a cover AND inserts. So when you purchase a Lil Helper Diaper you get a diaper cover and a tank insert set. Meaning, you get the whole diaper so it’s ready to use without any extra purchases. How's that for easy?
Like peanut butter and Jam, bacon and eggs, or moms and coffee some of the best things come in twos. We designed our diaper with two inserts to give you more flexibility in customizing absorption. You would use the small liner by itself when the baby is under 3-4 months. When the baby grows older then you can use the large liner in tandem with the small one. This gives you customizable absorption as your baby grows.
Unsnapping your diapers and inserts properly will extend their lifespan and keep the snaps in good shape. Here’s a video by Mohammed, Chief Doo-Doo Officer at Lil Helper explaining how to take care of the snaps. Enjoy.
I can almost categorically tell you that your child will not need any diaper creams whatsoever when using our diapers. But even if you were to use diaper creams, here is a good reason why you shouldn't be using any creams. The same impermeable layer of waterproof protection that the diaper rash cream forms on your child's bum is also transferred on the cloth diaper making it water-resistant. Moisture won't be absorbed readily if you use rash creams on any cloth diaper, not only Lil Helper. If the diaper cannot absorb pee or poo then it will leak. We suggest avoiding all creams… yes even coconut oil. The icing on the cake is that ultimately with cloth there is less need for the creams anyways. We change more often reducing wetness and you avoid any of the harmful chemicals in disposables that may also cause irritation on our little ones tushie. Click here if you want to know more!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1349 reviews
Angeline Petronijevic

We love our trial diaper and will be coming bank for more! So far the best cloth diaper. No leaks, no rash, cute design, and baby seems to really like it! Thank you!!!

Hi Angeline!
Thank you so much for giving Lil Helper a chance with our trial diaper deal! It is wonderful to read that it's working for you. The world of cloth diapering can seem so overwhelming, that's why we made our trial so you can get a feel for our Tank Cloth Diapers before investing in a full stash.
If you ever need help with your cloth diapers you can also contact - whether it be fit, wash routine, or anything at all, we are here to help!
Warm wishes,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

Best diapers ever

These are amazing, they've contained multiple blowouts and day to day they are easy to manage. I wish I knew more people with babies so I could recommend them more often.

Hey there Sara!
Thanks so much for leaving us this kind feedback - our cloth diapers are what started it all at Lil Helper and we are so proud that our poop containers have made cloth diapering easier for you!
Wishing you many days of stain free onesies ahead,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

Nela Kasparova
Cloth diapers which saved our eco journey

Absolutely amazing cloth diapers. Lil Helper really makes cloth diapers easy. We first started our cloth diaper journey with diaper service (there were different cloth diaper systems and brands) and we were ready to give up on cloth diapers after 3 weeks but then our neighbor recommended Lil Helper. Since she has 3 kids (7y, 2y and 1y) and work and she can do it, my thought was that we should be able to pull it off easily. So far Lil Helper diapers work for us much better than the diaper service even though that we have to wash them ourselves.

Hi Nela!
Aw thank you SO MUCH for sharing your experience! I am beaming knowing that we reached our goal of making cloth diapers easy and accessible for you and your family. Our diapers are designed by rocket scientists, but with the intention that ANYONE can do it!
We really are grateful to folks like you who give us a try and share their thoughts with others. It makes a big impact for us - we appreciate the opportunity to support your family!
If you ever need any help with your fit or wash routine, know that you can always reach out to - we are here to help!
With gratitude,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

Cora Clanton
Trial Run Success

Absolute game changer for angry night time diaper changes and diaper rash. My kid pees a LOT and screamed when I changed him at night while
Fighting me…now we get ready for bed with a tank and he can stay in it for 12 hours and his skin looks great in the morning. He is 4.5 months. Exclusively breastfed.the pattern that they send I believe is exclusive to the trial diapers. It has sort of a crayon version of the logo. It doesn’t look bad. I have been washing and re-washing the same diaper while waiting for the rest of the diapers that I ordered to come in and it has performed well.

Hi Cora!
It sounds like maybe you recieved our 'Two Lil Birds' print that we created to celebrate 10 years in business in 2022! Lucky! Our trial diapers are a true surprise and picked based on what is in stock in our warehouse.
As a mom of 3 I am overjoyed whenever I hear about our products helping moms get through those long nights - thank you for sharing, and for giving our trial diaper deal a try!
If you ever need any help with wash routine, or just have questions about our products, don't hesitate to reach out to - we are here for you.
May your nights be restful from here on out,
Caitlin @ Lil Helper

Micheline Lantain
Our Cloth Diapering Top Choice

I knew when we found out we were expecting that I wanted to cloth diaper, hubby was a little more hesitant. A loving friend set us up with a stash of her favorite brand but I knew I wanted to try Lil Helper.
We picked up a day pack and a mystery pack and I'm glad to say we never looked back. The thoughtful gifted cloth diapers became back ups when we were between laundry loads, but we were finally able to invest in another mystery pack and spare liners so they'll be going into storage (sorry friend).
Biggest bonus is that hubby has become a cloth diapering wizard and is more than happy to change the Lil Helper cloth diapers where he was far less excited about the other brand.

Oof! Congratulations on your sweet little one! We love seeing little ones rocking our prints and love hearing from happy parents even more! We always say Lil Helper diapers were designed with Dad's in mind - aka those folks who are a little less invested, maybe cloth seems a little overwhelming .... we are thrilled to hear we were able to convert your husband! Wishing you all the best and lots of rest - thank you for choosing Lil Helper.

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