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Despite what every perfectly curated Facebook post, Instagram feed, or lifestyle ad would have you believe life is far from light and airy. In fact, sometimes it is downright messy. And no one knows that better than folks who have to deal with a period every month. But if you are skeptical about whether reusable pads will add to or alleviate some of the mess, I suggest you check this bangin’ bundle out.


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3 HyPs Pads, one of each size

Variety is the spice of life and while your period probably doesn’t make you feel spicy, we wanted to make sure this bundle was a good sampler. Get one of each of our HyPs Liner, Regular, and Heavy pads.

2 Bags

One for storage and one for washing. These are probably two of the biggest concerns with switching to cloth pads, so we wanted to make it easy by giving you a Zipper Wetbag for storing pads at home or on-the-go and a FREE Large Mesh Bag to make sure your precious pads don’t fall victim to the laundry gremlins.

Free shipping

Because when your insides are trying to become your outsides, you don’t need the added aggravation of having to do math or paying for anything that isn’t chocolate.

Have your doubts about reusable pads?

Dip a toe in before you dive in head first

We get it. Reusable pads are a big change. And despite our seemingly light and fluffy demeanor, we too can be prone to our moments of jaded skepticism. So this trial kit includes one each of our HyPs Liner (perfect for light days or LBL), HyPs Regular (perfect all around protection for most folks), and HyPs Heavy (for heavy days, overnight, or postpartum protection), So whether it is Lil Helper or cloth pads in general that are causing your side-eye, this trial kit will let you sample a little of both so you can walk before you run.

Okay, but why make the switch?

From comfort to sustainability, cloth has compelling benefits

Whether you are looking to save money, the environment, or some discomfort in your nethers, cloth may be the magical option for you. Cloth pads are a great way to reduce your single-use plastic, save yourself a boatload of money, and may even make your periods less awful (yes, really). But they aren’t for everyone. Check out a full rundown on the Pros and Cons of Cloth Pads for more info on making the switch.

Worried about the logistics of reusable pads?

We offer a whole system

Because why create half a painting or build part of a bridge? Not only will you get three absorbencies of HyP pads but we’ve also got you covered with all the accessories you need to make using them simple. As part of this kit you will get a Zipper Wetbag for storage and a free Large Mesh Bag for laundry. We aid your HyPs with a travel case (Combo Bag), home storage (Dry/Wetbag) and a Mesh Bag for laundry.

I must admit, now that I have given them a try, I will be spreading the gospel of HyPs far and wide. But if you aren’t one to have blind faith, give the trial kit a go and decide whether the HyPs line is for you.



If you can keep that side-eye at bay long enough to read some stuff, we have even more info to put your mind at ease.

Full FAQ Page

These fantastic pads consist of a few different layers!
The top is our amazing bamboo stay dry liners, to help disperse liquid and keep you feeling dry.

Followed by 2 layers (3 for heavy) of absorbent bamboo terry cloth and finishing the pads off with a layer of waterproof PUL to prevent any leaks from making it to your undergarments! Yay! There are 2 snaps on the wings so that you can adjust the size to work for your particular undies!
There are 3 different sizes available in the hyps; a liner, regular and heavy.

The liners and regulars both consist of 2 layers of absorbent bamboo terry. The liners are 8” long while the regulars are 10”.

The heavy hyps are great for overnight or heavy flows. They have a third layer of absorbent terry and are 12” long.
Rinse out all blood or liquid with cold water until the water runs clear. Wring them out gently and put aside in a wet bag (with lots of air flow) until wash day. You can wash with your diapers or regular laundry. Use cold or warm water, do not add bleach or fabric softeners. Hang dry, or dry on low.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I am an exclusive tampon user, but have a heavy flow and like to use at least a liner to help catch if I have a leak (often 🙁 ). I thought I’d try these out because I hate going to the bathroom and not changing my pad but sometimes it seems like such a waste when there’s barely anything on it. I used these and barely felt them! They were perfectly absorbent and great for those days that I wasn’t bleeding enough for a tampon but still bleeding enough to need SOMETHING.
I am so glad I purchased these–they are 10000xs more comfortable than a plasticy disposable pad and I’m recommending them to all my friends!


Before using cloth diapers, the thought of using washable menstrual pads was just disgusting to me! Well, I’m now 1000% more grossed out by all the of the chemicals in regular disposable pads and tampons and the waste they generate than I am of washing blood out of my HYPS.
I don’t know about your disposable menstrual habits, but I hate going to the bathroom and not changing my pad, even if it’s not soaked. That being said, it’s expensive and wasteful to change your disposable pad every time. With HYPS you can change your cloth pads as often as you feel like!
When my daughter is old enough, I’m sparing her all of the anxiety and embarrassment by giving her cloth pads and normalizing menstruation!
1- They’re pretty and you can pick through so many prints of carrying bags too. They make zero noise to snap on and snap off
2- They don’t have adhesive that gets stuck to the wrong spots and causes rashes for a lot of woman!
3 – You tuck your used one into a zippered, leak-proof pouch in your purse, no stressing out about finding a trash can anymore!
4. They’re soft and comfortable!!


This is the perfect sampler pack to get started with HyP’s and reusable menstrual pads! Not only do you get one in each absorbency, but you can pick your patterns and you get the bag to store it all in. This all ages pack is perfect for everyone, from the young girl who just started her period to the 40 year old woman who has menopause looming in her future. Why? Because these are comfortable! They cut down on waste, and for the cost of one year’s worth or pads or tampons, you are taken care of for several years. I’ll be purchasing more of these as soon as orders open up again!

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