Infusing Joy, Empathy, & Dignity into the Messy Parts of Life

Over 10 years ago, Lil Helper started out as a cloth diaper company. When Uncle Mo and Nader began Lil Helper, it was with the mission to create a super user-friendly cloth diaper that gave a stay-dry feeling. Not only did they achieve that, creating a one-size all in two design folks love, but the Lil Helper cloth diaper has continued to grow along with our family of customers. The latest generation of diapers includes a belly band, guide snaps for the perfect fit, and the new tank insert set.

Along the way, we’ve learned a bunch more from our customers, and at Lil Helper we take every comment, criticism, and review as helpful feedback. We soon realized that diapering babies was not the only way we could help families. Today, Lil Helper has a whole range of products designed to help with the messy parts of life.

But now that we offer more than just cloth diapers, what is our mission? Who are we as a company? How do we explain what we do when we offer such a wide range of products. It’s all in our mission.


It’s no secret, all Lil Helper prints are designed to bring you JOY. Whether it’s a “thank you Mom” print on a tank insert that catches your eye during that middle of the night change, or the ‘Espresso-saurus’ offering you a quiet cheers on the lifesaver mat you are using to protect your rug from the stomach bug your kiddo brought home from preschool. Maybe it’s seeing “this will be funny later” on the tag of the wipe you’re using to clean up the cold coffee you just spilled. Or a beautiful floral design that makes your period a little more bearable. The messy parts of life might not feel joyful, but we aim to help you smile through them with a little joy, humor, and support, by designing great products in beautiful prints just for you.

And while we started with a mission to make cloth mainstream and end the modern stigma surrounding cloth diapers, we realize now there are many more parts of being human that fall into this same category. So whether it’s potty training, menstrual cycles, intimacy blankets, starting solids, incontinence, or really anything involving bodily fluids, we believe these messy parts of life deserve to be treated with EMPATHY & DIGNITY.

That’s why you’ll see Uncle Mo himself on our Tik Tok. He may not have personal experience with periods or breastfeeding, but he embodies the compassion and kind capitalism that is Lil Helper. Whether it is his soothing voice or ability to infuse empathy into any story, these principals start with him. On our Tik Tok you’ll find him answering criticism, supporting our LGBT community, and sharing personal stories on the messy parts of his own life.

The Messy Parts of Life

So we start with joy, empathy, and dignity, but where do we go with those values. We take them to the heart of what started Lil Helper: trying to solve problems, create solutions, and make the messy parts of life a little more bearable. You’ll find Lil Helper products on our site for every messy part of life:


Whether it’s diapering, breastfeeding, starting solids, or potty training, we’ve got the gear to help you deal. Parenting is messy but with joyful, durable, dignified products, we can make it a little easier.

Menstrual Health

Whether it’s pads or mats to protect your sheets, we have the products to help you stay dry and comfortable during your period. No more shame over the sound of unwrapping a plastic disposable pad wrapper in a public washroom, and our gorgeous prints and storage bags are designed to make you smile.


Here is one area we learned from our customers our product is already perfect for. While our Lifesaver Mats were originally designed with postpartum and potty training in mind, they aren’t just for babies. They are also great for the… messy part of making those babies. Ditch the old towel and infuse some joy and dignity into your sex life while protecting your bed sheets with a Lifesaver Mat Original or XL Size.

Where does Lil Helper Go From Here?

We are still learning and growing with you. There are lots of exciting products on the horizon for us, but above all else we are going to aim to continue infusing joy, empathy, and dignity, into the messy parts of life. Got a suggestion? Let us know! With rocket scientists designing the solutions to the messy parts that make us all human, we are sure we can help!

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