About HyPs

I’m just going to come out and say it… folks who menstruate do not get enough credit.

Seriously. We walk around shedding part of one of our internal organs, all while acting like normal, functioning humans who haven’t got a care in the world.

We go to work, the gym, the grocery store, and give the general pretense that life is fine, as our insides, literally, become our outsides.

And, generally, we are taught to cover up this unnerving fact like it is the most illicit, back-door, dirty little secret we have.

Which is a pretty bogus example to set. Especially if we want the next generation to be more enlightened and empowered than we are.

Luckily, history has provided menstruators with the hero we never knew that we needed.

Her name is Hypatia.

Haven’t heard of her? She is cool enough to have a TED video you can check out here.

TL;DR She is an early example of profound badassness that everyone should know about.

A mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher, Hypatia lived in Alexandria, Egypt (then part of the Roman empire), and was renowned even in her own time as the world’s leading mathematical mind.

Now, I can already hear you thinking, “Ummmm, hey, I am deep in the midst of Shark Week here. It feels like Jack the Ripper is attempting to escape from my abdomen and I am so bloated I can’t see straight. Why the heck should I care about some chick who lived a bazillion years ago?”

What, gaining recognition as the BEST thinker in the world in a time when women were still considered property isn’t impressing you?

Okay. Fine.

Well, not only was our girl Hyp a certified smartypants, teacher, and counselor… she was also a role model to menstruators everywhere.

Most notably, she threw her menstrual pad at a stalker who wouldn’t leave her alone.

Yes, you read that right.

When a creep in one of her lectures wouldn’t take no for an answer, she decided that enough was enough.

She had no time or patience for this slimeball’s shenanigans because she was too busy being an empowered boss.

Cuz let’s be real. Even in modern times, life is rough enough. Add dealing with Aunt Flo to the top of the mountain of crap we are already dealing with, and I’m ready to throw something much more lethal than a menstrual pad at anyone who dares cross me.

Basically, Hypatia was everything we all wish we could be when we find ourselves invited to the Red Wedding and, thus, we could think of no better namesake for our HyPs or Hypatia Pads. 


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