Here at Lil Helper, we are big fans of ……


After all, our “founding fathers” are honest-to-goodness rocket scientists.


The world of science is full of amazing facts.

For example, did you know that llamas know their own limits? If you try to overload a llama with too much weight it is likely to lie down or simply refuse to move.

This makes them both interesting and my new favourite animal.

Deal With It

Another fun one is that babies have about 100 more bones at birth than we do as adults.

This makes them flexible enough to exit the birth canal, allows for rapid growth, and makes first time moms or people without kids feel like they are handling a live grenade when picking them up.


An often overlooked but undeniable miracle of science, is the fact that breastfeeding Mamas are actually superhero, superhuman, magical milk fairies.

Ta Daa

Like, seriously. Science tells us that the properties of breastmilk are astounding. Liquid-gold reduces baby’s risk of all sorts of diseases later in life, and breastfeeding a baby girl can reduce her risk of cancer by 25%.


And the fact that Mamas can first grow a baby and then provide this logic-defying, nutritionally-perfect sustenance definitely earns us one of the top spots on a list of scientific wonders.

Female Warrior

There is, however, one last scientific principle that plagues breastfeeding ladies everywhere: What goes in, must come out.

This principle is true of both our adorable boobie monsters…

Cry Baby

And our tatas themselves.

Broken Hose

Now, you know Lil Helper has totally got you covered when it comes to dealing with the output issues you have with your nursling.

Our cloth diapers, are scientifically proven to turn your baby’s bodily excretions into vanilla-scented, brightly coloured jelly beans.***


***Okay, we may have made that last one up, but they are undeniably awesome poop-catchers.

And we even have some amazing breast pads, designed to cradle and comfort your overworked orbs, while keeping leaks at bay.


But what happens when your miraculous melons reach critical mass when it comes to output?

Maybe your babe has dropped a nursing session or started sleeping through the night.

March Madness

Maybe a little one, somewhere in your neighbourhood, has started crying and your bazooms (which have the supersonic hearing of a bat) have somehow sensed it.

The Force

Maybe you looked at your baby. Or a picture of a baby. Or a baby entered the 50-mile radius around your home.

I smell children

All of this often leads to that golden scientific rule coming back to haunt you and your jubblies in a big way.


Like we said, breastfeeding is truly a scientific marvel but you may be less inclined to appreciate that when your casabas spontaneously transform from nurturing fonts of nutrition to unstoppable geysers, leaking through every piece of clothing you own.


Luckily, the hardworking, aforementioned rocket-scientists at Lil Helper believe that there is no such thing as perfection and have been working tirelessly to take our breast pad technology to the next level.


Introducing Lil Helper’s new Overnight Breast Pads

Designed with Fountains in Mind: For shorter periods of time or for less leaky ladies, our original breast pads are probably more than enough. These Overnight Breast Pads were created to last you for the long haul and to hold up to true “fountain” level leakers. These lovelies are made with multiple layers of absorbency.

Leak Proof: Cuz, otherwise, what’s the point, right? Our bomb-proof PUL lining will keep you and your earthly possessions from drowning when the levy breaks.

Size Matters: There might be some disagreement between us Mamas about how universally this statement can be applied… but there is no doubt that it is true when it comes to covering your knockers. The OBPs are bigger and badder than our original breast pads when it comes to both size and absorbency. This makes them well-suited to Mamas who are particularly well endowed in the lady-lumps department.

Comfortable and discreet: There’s nothing worse than feeling moist in places you don’t want to be moist… except maybe the word moist itself. Our breast pads are stay-dry, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial because your Mama-mounds deserve the best.

Packed with Cuteness: There is no need to sacrifice style for the sake of function. Our breast pads come 4-to-a-pack and in a variety of prints, which are sure to make you smile… despite the fact that your chichis are making you feel like an overstretched water balloon.

If you are still not sold, or you want to further discuss the scientific properties of these miraculous little inventions, we highly suggest you contact our Head Scientist and Chief Officer of Poop, Mohammed.

He looooooves talking about breast pads.

Awkwardness Meter

Almost as much as he loves using his scientific superpowers to make the world a better place.


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