Biggie Bib

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The Biggie Bib is the one and only multi-use, multitasking bib that you and your little ones will ever need. It is like Robin William’s Genie: beautiful, often hilarious, thoughtfully designed, changes functions in a second and beloved, wherever it goes.

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WATERPROOF LAYER: 100% polyester

BOTTOM LAYER: 80% bamboo, 20% polyester

  1. Wash on warm (max, 140 F/ 60 C) with the recommended amount of detergent.
  2. Line dry when you can or tumble dry on medium.
  3. Do not use laundry soaps such as Castile or coconut-based soaps and detergents with fabric softener.
  4. If you make it till here, you are exceptional. Your baby is going to be just fine. Don't worry.
  5. Take a deep breath. Make yourself a cup of tea. Tell yourself, parenting is a beautiful journey.


Our Biggie Bib is made with waterproof, wipeable PUL on one side and absorbent bamboo terry on the other.

Catches All. The. Food

Designed with a food catcher, that can be snapped on either side of the bib and catches anything that doesn’t make it to your baby’s mouth.

Adjusts in a snap

Three snaps on the neck loop your baby from birth until they leave for college.

Want to burn your money?

Then get a velcro bib made from tablecloth fabric...

Those cheap velcro bibs are as good as disposable. Put them in the washer and they come out wrinkled like Dubledore’s forehead with all kinds of gunk stuck on the velcro, making it almost unusable. And your kids will learn how to open the velcro in no time.
Our Biggie Bibs have snaps for closures and they can be thrown in the washer and dryer hundreds and hundreds of times and they look brand new.
Both sides of the Biggie Bib don’t hold on to any stains either!!

Got an “enthusiastic” eater on your hands?

Like “piranha” levels of enthusiastic?

We all know that watching your baby eat can feel similar to watching a documentary on Animal Planet. The Biggie Bib has the coverage and the catching-power to deal with the mess. So you may be able to actually enjoy mealtime, instead of narrating the carnage in your best David Attenborough voice.

Remember when you had the luxury of doing one thing at a time?

That was back in the BC (before children) era.

Now you have become a multitasking guru and you need products that juggle as hard as you do. Use the food catcher to give snacks to your Kiddos. The PUL side makes a great apron for messy projects. And no matter your food of choice, this bib will be essential when starting your baby on solids.

We know that no person or thing is ever going to be as good at multitasking as a seasoned parent but the Biggie Bib is a close second (at least not until we can perfect the prototype for our Bluetooth enabled diaper-changing robot, with built-in espresso maker and bottle warmer).



Have more questions? We got Sir Attenborough himself to answer some queries on the feeding habits of the wild toddler. (J.K. He was busy, but there’s still some good stuff here.)

Full FAQ Page

Newbie Guide

Our Biggie Bibs feature a reversible design with a layer of absorbent white terry on one side, and waterproof printed PUL on the other side. It also has adjustable neck snaps that are guaranteed to fit from the first food right until college parties, as well as snaps on the side to allow you to create a food-catching pocket on either side of the bib!
Eating some juicy watermelon for lunch? Snap the bib with the absorbent terry side facing out to help soak up all the juice that might run down your little ones face! Maybe we're trying out mashed potatoes for the first time? The PUL side is easy to wipe down and will keep their clothes sparkling through mealtime.
Stains are just the prize for enjoying every single new food our little ones are trying! To help prevent them, once mealtime is over give it a rinse in some hot water to remove any coloured liquids and stuck-on solids before tossing it through the wash. The sun will also work wonders are naturally bleaching out any stubborn spots!
These wonderful food catchers can easily be washed with your normal laundry or your diapers. Wash on cold or warm to avoid damage to the PUL and hang dry. Rinse out any foods that may stain right away and avoid any fabric softeners that may cause repelling on your bamboo.

Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Best Bib ever!

Honestly I cannot live without this bib! Easy to clean up between meals and when it’s time to give it a good clean, just put it in the washer! Wow! Easy to carry around and fun prints! Also the bamboo side is very effective for watermelon or learning to drink :)

Toni Sousa
Biggie Bibs catch all the puke!

I thought I would have no use for biggie bibs until my baby started solids, but whenever I have him in his jolly jumper or bumbo chair I put a biggie bib on him and it catches all of his vomit! Parents know this struggle, gone are the days of cleaning puke off of the floor and their feet after a jumping session because the pocket off the biggie bib catches it all in time to protect the floor and their outfit!!!

Heather McMiller
Best bibs!

I tried a number of other bibs before deciding that give a biggie bib a try and it's the only bibs I want to use now! My kid can pull off velcro bibs and silicone bibs didn't sit right but these bibs are light and are easy to travel with and catch the food. Plus, they stay in place and do their job. The only downside I find is that the snaps make for a large opening, it could use an extra snap to make it a bit smaller for younger babies.

Stephanie Sharp
I'll Never Use Another Bib Again

Our little os only three months old so while the bib is HUGE one her, we have never had to change outfits because of a milk mishap. Bottles are hard, I get that, now I don't have to worry about all the liquid gold dribbling into the outfit. Super easy to clean and dry fast (in time for our next meal).

Amy Tuck
Love these!

We are huge fans of the biggie bibs here in our house. I love that they have the pocket (instant second meal for the kiddo - less mess for me!) And the adjustable snaps. The terry cloth side is great for wet foods though honestly we barely ever use it. And the prints are super fun to boot! This is a huge value product for me, it's a super affordable, long lasting bib and goodness knows you need a lot of them. They hold up great to washing and use as well. No fading, no rips or issues at all.

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