Getting your Gift Card

Once you've purchased a Gift Card, you will receive a confirmation email containing a unique code. (It will look something like 34E8-GBH5-A9AA-C2DB.) You will need to forward this confirmation email directly to the lucky recipient. Otherwise, they won't know that you’ve bestowed such epic generosity upon them.

Shop ‘til you drop

Your fortuitous friend can then browse the site and shop for products as they normally would. We suggest you help them out by recommending some of your favourite products and reminding them how fortunate they are to have such amazing friends.

Redeeming your card

During Checkout, there will be a box labelled "Gift card or discount code". The gift recipient should input their unique code into this box and click the "Apply" button to redeem their Gift Card. It is recommended you both do a celebratory “happy dance” and avoid stalking your mail carrier until your goodies arrive.

Not sure how to spend your amazing gift?

Here’s what a Lil Helper gift card can get you

$25 A cloth diaper. A smocket. Two packs of Boofas (8 altogether). A heartfelt smile from Uncle Mo
$50 Four burp cloths. Three sets of Tank inserts. A Lifesaver mat.
$75 Three Lifesaver minis. Five HyPs heavy. Mo has a celebratory drink on your behalf.
$100 Five pairs of Zero-A training pants, eight Biggie Bibs, or four large wetbags

$150 A lifetime supply (a.k.a 125) of t-shirt wipes, 15 zipper wetbags, or Mo does an interpretive dance honouring your greatness
$200 A Daypack of cloth diapers and three Big Bite bags
$250 A Dry/Wetbag for every day of the week (plus four spares).
$300 Six Lifesaver mats (you will need them). A Daypack, four packs of boosters, and assorted wetbags. We put your photo up in the warehouse so all may behold your beauty and awesomeness.

$500 Two Daypacks plus extras. Enough HyPs for you and your closest friends.
$1000 A complete stash of diapers plus accessories. We erect a statue in your honour at Lil Helper HQ.
$9,999.99 Uncle Mo comes to your home and changes your baby’s diaper for one month.

We all know that being the perfect friend or finding the perfect gift are both pretty tough goals to achieve. But getting someone a Lil Helper gift card will get you pretty darn close to both.