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Still on the fence about reusable menstrual pads? Concerned that our HyPs may, in fact, lie? Then this is the bundle for you! Build yourself a custom trial kit at an amazing 25% off and try out different sizes and accessories to find the HyPs system that works best for you!

*The Fine Print: This iconic deal is intended to get NEW folks hooked on our HyPs. The deal is, therefore, limited to ONE purchase per customer and duplicate orders will be automatically canceled. Availability of sizes and accessories is dependent on inventory and may change as stock dictates. Thanks for being honest, understanding, and just generally awesome 😘. 

Build bundle

Step 1: Choose Your Sizes

We know that everyone has different needs. So this trial lets you choose different available sizes of our reusable menstrual pads. Variety is the spice of life. While your period probably doesn’t make you feel spicy, we wanted to make sure this bundle gave you the chance to sample one of each of the sizes you are most interested in.

Step 2: Create Your System

We pinky-promise that switching to cloth is a breeze but great storage solutions make it even simpler. You can choose to add-on a waterproof storage bag to try out at the same amazing 25% off deal.

Step 3: Get Ready to be Surprised!

While you can customize the sizes in your bundle, the prints are up to us and will be random. Remember the thrill of opening a Kinder Suprise to see what toy you got? This is the grown-up version of that.

Have your doubts about reusable pads?

Dip a toe in before you dive in head first.

We get it. Reusable pads are a big change. And despite our seemingly light and fluffy demeanor, we too can be prone to our moments of jaded skepticism. So whether it is Lil Helper or cloth pads in general that are causing your side-eye, this trial kit will let you sample a little of both so you can walk before you run.

Okay, but why make the switch?

From comfort to sustainability, cloth has compelling benefits.

Whether you are looking to save money, the environment, or some discomfort in your nethers, cloth may be the magical option for you. Cloth pads are a great way to reduce your single-use plastic, save yourself a boatload of money, and may even make your periods less awful (yes, really). But they aren’t for everyone. Check out a full rundown on the Pros and Cons of Cloth Pads for more info on making the switch.

Worried about the logistics of reusable pads?

We offer a whole system.

Because why create half a painting or build part of a bridge? Not only will you get to try different absorbencies of HyP pads but we’ve also got you covered with all the accessories you need to make using them simple. As part of this kit you can add-on select storage options for your HyPs system. If you are curious about other great options, we suggest you check out our Zipper Wetbag for storage and our Large Mesh Bag for laundry. We also have a HyPs with a travel case (Combo Bag), home storage (Dry/Wetbag).

I must admit, now that I have given them a try, I will be spreading the gospel of HyPs far and wide. But if you aren’t one to have blind faith, give the trial kit a go and decide whether the HyPs line is for you.



If you can keep that side-eye at bay long enough to read some stuff, we have even more info to put your mind at ease.

Full FAQ Page

These fantastic pads consist of a few different layers!
The top is our amazing bamboo stay dry liners, to help disperse liquid and keep you feeling dry.

Followed by 2 layers (3 for heavy) of absorbent bamboo terry cloth and finishing the pads off with a layer of waterproof PUL to prevent any leaks from making it to your undergarments! Yay! There are 2 snaps on the wings so that you can adjust the size to work for your particular undies!
There are 3 different sizes available in the hyps; a liner, regular and heavy.

The liners and regulars both consist of 2 layers of absorbent bamboo terry. The liners are 8” long while the regulars are 10”.

The heavy hyps are great for overnight or heavy flows. They have a third layer of absorbent terry and are 12” long.
Rinse out all blood or liquid with cold water until the water runs clear. Wring them out gently and put aside in a wet bag (with lots of air flow) until wash day. You can wash with your diapers or regular laundry. Use cold or warm water, do not add bleach or fabric softeners. Hang dry, or dry on low.

Customer Reviews

Based on 324 reviews
First time, but not the last!!!

I am still pretty new to the world of reusable period products, but already I am confident to say I have no need for any other brand!!! I got liners and pads both, and they're comfy and convenient and unlike the disposable versions I never even know they're there!! Would absolutely recommend to anyone and everyone - I am planning to order more this week since I've found them so great!! Keep up the good work, LH! (and maybe add some new designs soon! I wanna try to have no repeats haha)

Welcome to the world of reusables - and the strange yet super fun desire to build a custom stash with all your favorite prints haha! Thank you for giving Lil Helper a try, we are so thrilled you love your HyPs Liners :)

Victoria P.
Low profile and comfy!

Love reusable pads, and these ones are great! So low profile, you barely know you're wearing one. I ADORE the designs as well!

Thank you so much for your review! We're thrilled to hear that you're loving our HyPs Liner. We designed it with comfort and discretion in mind, so we're glad that it's meeting your expectations. And we agree, the designs are a fun bonus! Thanks again for choosing Lil Helper.

Best pads ever!

I bought the trial package because I wanted to see whether cloth pads were for me. I have a really heavy flow, and my periods are always miserable, so I was really skeptical about using a cloth pad. But, these pads are really easy to use and super absorbent. These pads are so comfortable and hassle-free. I highly recommend. I will be buying more.

Thank you! We are so glad you were able to take advantage of our trial to try before you buy - it is so good to test a product before you invest in a whole system! Thank you as well for taking the time to leave a review - we wouldn't be here without folks like you!

Emma Fox
Full circle

12 years ago I brought life into this world. Shortly after that explosion of chaos, I wrapped that lil bum in lil helper diapers. Shortly after that, I forgot how people rate the whole parenthood experience poorly, and was feeling like I was going to roll the dice with #2.
Now, twelve years, one house, three cats, and bygone fluff stash of diapers in our wake, we have entered the next phase of our eldest child's operating system: puberty.

Being as granola as a Nature Valley bar, we decided that disposable pads were fine for occasional use but not the tofu and kale of our menstrual entrees.
And then lil helper HyPs arrived on the scene like an improv performer who gets the crowd going with a winning catch phrase. We needed more. So we got more.
These pads have both boosted confidence and altered states of consciousness. They sop up any mess and hold onto it with the strength of any UFC champion.
They stay in place and save our MVPs (Most Valuable Panties) from needing to be scrubbed to shreds.

We would highly recommend these for anyone who is looking for a period powerhouse combatant or just a confidence booster.

You have us in stitches over here!!!!
Thank you for sharing the Lil Helper love! It is absolutely awesome hearing from families who have grown right alongside Lil Helper from the beginning - thank you, we wouldn't be here without you.

Natasha Naka-Alienna

I adored the little note with my order, and I am thrilled to say that after getting the trial set, I returned and bought a stash! In fact, the quality of the products made me interested in cloth diapering for my future baby :)

That is wonderful! Thank you for giving us a chance with the trial set - be sure to do the same with our trial diaper deal for future baby! :)

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