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You know what’s adorable? Your baby. You know what’s not adorable? The amount of fluid that can, inexplicably, leak from that tiny little mouth. You know what can help deal with the drool while making your baby even more adorable? Our bandana bibs! Bonus: if you are a pet owner, substitute “pooch” for baby and reread for a second sales pitch, cuz let’s face it dogs and babies are both equal parts cute and gross.


  • Adjustable for two different sizes fitting birth-to-college... and beyond!
  • Feature a waterproof layer between the printed cotton and microfleece so your kids clothes stay dry.
  • Last but certainly not least, these bad boys are SUPER STRONG so they will last wash after wash after wash after... well, you get the point.


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  • What's it made of?

    Our bandana bibs are made of PUL on one side, which makes wiping up messes easier than eating that last piece of pie you didn’t need (but TOTALLY deserved!)

    The reversible side is a soft bamboo terry material - so soft your kiddo won't mind if you use it to wipe off their spaghetti face!

  • How do you wash it?

    We recommend washing the bibs along with your diapers or regular wash. Usually on cold or warm, and never in a hot cycle as this can damage the PUL material.  

    There’s no need to throw these bad boys in the dryer, they will air dry super fast, so just hang up right out of the wash. 

    In a rush? You can dry them on low, but only for a MAX of 20 minutes.

  • How is it reversible?

    Simply turn the bib around! It snaps both ways! 

    Have a super drooly baby? Turn the bib with the bamboo facing out and the soft terry cloth will absorb the goo that drips from young Fido’s mouth, like a never-ending facet. 

    Turn the PUL (print) side out and you can easily wipe away the yogurt that your petite Picasso likes to smear all over.

  • Is it waterproof?

    One side of our bibs are made from PUL. Although PUL is very water resistant,  it can and will eventually leak if it becomes overly saturated.

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