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Face Masks Bundle (Pack of 4)

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COVID-19 has put all of us in an uncertain position about what the world will bring. As a community, and a planet, we are banding together to do everything that we can to help flatten the curve and prevent the spread of this virus.

We’ve temporarily redirected our local resources to manufacture of face masks to help in the fight to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

These masks are created with two layers - an exterior layer of fleece and a super soft and breathable interior layer of cotton jersey. These combined make them extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

We also understand the importance of having a safe place to put your contaminated clothing and used masks while they wait for laundry day! To help with this, we’ve added select add-ons to this bundle at a reduced rate so you have options that can suit your needs.


- 4 Assorted Colors in each Bundle
- Each Face Mask is made with CDC recommendations of 2 layers of Cotton fabric.
- Outer Layer is a fleece and inner layer is Jersey.
- The elastic bands can be knotted so you can get a closer fit.
- You should never use these masks for kids under 2 years old.
- These Face Masks are locally Made in Toronto, Canada.
- This Bundle Deal will ship with tracked shipping


The perfect size for storing dirty masks.
Zips closed to keep everything safely contained inside
Easy to clean! Just drop into the wash and hang to dry.


Ideal for workers needing sufficient space for 2-3 complete outfits.
Drawstring closure helps keep contact on the exterior minimal with a very large opening.
Also very easy to clean, and can be tossed into the same laundry load as your contaminated clothing. Don’t forget to hang dry!


Perfect for those wanting to store both CLEAN and DIRTY masks in one designated place.
Features a dry front pocket on the front and a large wet/dirty pocket on the back.
The same cleaning recommendations as above apply to this wonderful product.
This is our way of doing our part to make sure you have access to what you need to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy. It takes a village, and we want you to know that we are yours.


Per the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, please note the following:
Wearing face masks does not guarantee you will not contract the virus. Rather, it prevents the spread from individuals who might be asymptomatic and unaware they are COVID-19 positive.
Face masks should never be put on a baby or child under the age of 2, or anyone who is unconscious or unable to remove the mask without assistance.

For more information on the official recommendations surrounding the use of fabric face masks, along with proper cleaning practices, please click here:

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