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Arrival Date? We fully intend to ship out all our pre-orders (Lifesaver XLs, Crib Sheets and Beach Towels) in the month of July 2021. 

Perfectly Sized: Our Crib sheets are 28 x 52 in and the height is 6 in. If you have a crib mattress that measures approximately 28 x 52 inches and the thickness is 6 inches or less then our crib sheets will fit it like a glove!

Heavy Duty All in One Sheet: Just like an astronaut’s suit is not for aesthetics or fashion, our crib sheet is also a technical product.  It is a top sheet + absorption + waterproof mattress protector rolled into one highly functional and beautiful-looking package. Don’t be fooled by how cute it looks as there is a lot of thought that has gone into its construction that might not be apparent from just looking at it.

Solving a Real Problem: Babies are infamous for pooping, peeing and puking (3Ps) especially in their cribs. And for some reason our goopy goblins decide  to hold these 3P showcases in the middle of the night. 

The Previous Solution: To protect your crib mattress, you would put up a crinkly, PVC mattress protector first. Then add a softer top sheet because which reasonable parent would want their retirement home chooser (AKA your child) to sleep on a cheap plastic picnic table cloth fashioned to fit a mattress.  

When Doing Enough is Not Enough: Despite your best efforts, a blown out diaper or projectile vomiting or incessant peeing or some demonic combination of all three will hit you at some point. And when that happens your mattress will get dirty. You will have to literally dry your dirty laundry in public. 

Drying a Soiled Mattress Ain’t Fun: God forbid it’s winter or the weather is not good enough for your crib mattress to dry outside, then the whole house has to relive the agony of the unspeakable night of horrors for days on end. And if the unending, insufferable, musty smell wasn’t enough, that big yellow to brown spot will taunt you at each and every sheet change. Maybe you like pain. You might have to go through this small pothole of hell a few more times to realize that there has to be a better way.

Lil Helper’s Solution: Sure, as an aerospace engineer with a bachelor’s AND master’s degree (humble brag), I could send humanity to Mars for weekend camping trips but I chose to work on preserving the little sanity that 21st century parents have. I spent the last 2 years designing an all in one Top Sheet + Crib Mattress Protector that is as durable and reliable as a 1992 Corolla and looks cuter than a Corgi puppy splooting.

4 Magical Materials Make our Crib Sheet: Our crib sheets have three layers on the top. Each layer has a specific purpose and a duty to perform. There is not a detail on our crib sheet that is overlooked and if you bear with my wordiness, I will explain each one to you in detail. There is also a 4th layer of extra protection on the side of the sheet.

Ideation: The seed for this crib sheet came from a long-time LH customer, Francesca Patera, who asked me in 2018 to make a Lifesaver Mat for cribs. Of course, we could fashion a lifesaver to be fitted on a crib mattress, but being a diva myself, I wanted to make it look beautiful.

Top Layer - Super Soft, Joyful Minky: The top layer feels like the fuzz on a newborn Unicorn. It is softer that the foam on your $9 latte. The minky is printed with our in-house prints. The purpose of the minky is to be soft and comfortable for the child while allowing for the passage of any moisture. If you fear that the minky might be too warm for your sweaty baby, we’ve tested  our sheets and have heard again and again, that the minky helps to keep the child much more cooler and drier than normal cotton sheets because the moisture is sucked and trapped by the second layer below the minky.

Second Layer - Absorbent Microfiber: Most mattress protectors are waterproof but they are not absorbent. So if your child pees or pukes on your mattress protector, most of the moisture just sits on top. You have to carefully peel off the top sheet and then wipe off the mattress protector in order to remove it. Too much unnecessary work. We have a layer of super absorbent microfiber that absorbs and locks everything that passes through the minky including sweat. So when your child has an accident in their crib, you know that when you peel off the sheet, the microfiber and the layer of PUL underneath it will keep all the excrement secure till the laundry room. Our testers have thrown 2 liters of water and the crib sheet took it all in, keeping the mattress below completely dry.

Third Layer- Waterproof PUL: There is a layer of PUL which is completely waterproof under the top 2 layers. This is the same soft, luxurious PUL that we use for all our products. We could’ve gotten away with using a thinner quality PUL here as this layer is hidden and will only be seen during washes but a good craftsman uses top quality wood even for the back of the cabinet. This hardy PUL protects the crib mattress from any and all abuse and is guaranteed to last you for years.

Fourth Layer- Waterproof PUL on the side: I spent an inordinate amount of time thinking if the PUL on the side of the sheet is necessary. Then it came to me, the parent who is buying this for their child would be upset if anything damaged the mattress on the sides as well. So I decided to go with PUL on the side, which protects 100% of the mattress that is facing out. Yes, it is being overcautious and the crib sheet is over-engineered but then again we make extraordinary products for folks who demand nothing else.

Is the crib sheet safe?: All our products are CPSIA tested, the crib sheet is no different. All the materials used in the crib sheet are certified BPA-free, phthalate-free, and heavy metal-free. Since it is a fitted crib sheet, with an elastic running through the entire periphery of the sheet, it is designed to stay in place. 

Is the Crib Sheet Breathable?: Although PUL is waterproof, it is still breathable. I understand that waterproof and breathable might not make sense to most folks so here is a video that I took during a visit to a supplier which shows water being held by a PUL fabric but air is still able to bubble through it. 

Video Link:

Built Like A Tank: God is in the details and at LH we take details very seriously. When you get your crib sheet, turn it upside down. You’ll see that the stitching on the inside, the part that you don’t see is as immaculate as the detailing on a Rolls Royce. While testing our crib sheet, the one word that we heard over and over again was HEAVY DUTY. How can it not be? Our crib sheets are equivalent to more than 3 sheets that you would conventionally get.

Perfect for Drooling Babes: If your baby were to drool on normal cotton sheets, the puddle of spit-up just stays there as a wet patch. A lot of kids develop rashes on their face and most kids constantly wake themselves up. With our sheets, the minky top layer allows passage of the moisture, keeping the top completely dry and the 2nd layer traps the moisture. 

Soft Minky Allows for Self Soothing: Numerous parents who’ve tested our crib sheets with their kids have reported that their kids are able to get better sleep. If I were to come up with a hypothesis of why that might be, I think it has something to do with the soft, textural feel of the minky that allows kids to get a bit of feedback as if touching their parents' skin.

Helps to Increase Sleep Time: Kids wake up from their sleep if they are uncomfortable or hungry. The uncomfortable part could be that they are either hot, cold or wet. Because our crib sheet is breathable and absorbs sweat and drool, it lets kids sleep for a longer duration.

Wash and Care: You can wash our crib sheet in your washing machine with the recommended amount of detergent. You can tumble dry on low for about 40-60 mins to get it completely dry or air dry if you can.

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  • Why pre-order?

    Along with the pure joy and excitement you will feel when getting your awesome new goodies, pre-ordering also has many benefits. You will be getting your pre-ordered items at a discounted price as well as guaranteeing that you will be able to get the item and print you want.  

  • Is the preorder at a discounted price?

    Yes it is! The pre-order price is an exclusive deal that will only be offered during the pre-order.

  • When will the product arrive?

    The item will arrive approximately 4 months after the pre-order closes. Please see individual product information for the approximate date. Any delays will be properly communicated to you.

  • Can I cancel my order after placing it?

    You can cancel your order until the final day of the pre-order by emailing . Once the pre-order has closed cancellations are no longer permitted.  

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