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  • Amply Sized: Our beach towel is a generous 30 x 60 in. (75 x 150 cm.). Great size for the entire family!
  • Secret Zipper Pocket: A perfect compartment to carry your phone, keys, cash and wallet, built right inside the towel. Perfect from keeping your valuables away from prying eyes. Saves you from carrying an extra bag when going to the beach, pool or gym!
  • Printed on both sides: Our towels are printed with a a print on one side and a complimentary print on the other. Twice the personality!
  • Lightweight & Compact: Our towel only weighs 276 grams (9.7 oz). When folded up, it occupies as much space as a can of soda but a can of soda weighs 376 grams (13.25 oz.). Ideal for travelling, camping and hiking.
  • Super Absorbent: Even though it weighs next to nothing, our beach towel can absorb 5X its own weight in water!!
  • Dries fast: Compared to traditional cotton towels, our microfiber suede beach towel dries 10X faster. Even if drenched wet, our towel will be bone dry in 30-45 minutes. Thus it doesn't hold on to or develop any odours.
  • Soft to the touch: Cotton towels have tendency to become stiff and scratchy when air dried. Our suede microfiber towels stay soft to the touch even after repeated air drying.
  • Made for the outdoors: Our towels repels sand (even wet sand) and dirt, making it ideal for use on the beach and while camping.
  • Snappable Strap: Roll-up our towel and make it super compact to carry. Use the snappable loop to keep your keys or water bottle in check as well.
  • Multiple Uses: Our beach towel is a must for the beach, pool, camping, hiking, boating, gym, backpacking, yoga, and visits to the splash pad!!

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  • Why pre-order?

    Along with the pure joy and excitement you will feel when getting your awesome new goodies, pre-ordering also has many benefits. You will be getting your pre-ordered items at a discounted as well as guaranteeing that you will be able to get the item and print you want. 

  • Is the preorder at a discounted price?

    Yes it is! The pre-order price is an exclusive deal that will only be offered during the pre-order.

  • When will the product arrive?

    The item will arrive approximately 4 months after the pre-order closes. Please see individual product information for the approximate date. Any delays will be properly communicated to you.

  • Can I cancel my order after placing it?

    You can cancel your order until the final day of the pre-order by emailing . Once the pre-order has closed cancellations are no longer permitted. 

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