PRE ORDER: Lifesaver XL and Original Mats

PROMO PERIOD: February 1st - 28th, 2023 only!


Why is there a pre-order?

Because we always listen to our beloved customers! 🧡 Many of you emailed Delight team asking if we have extra of the Pre-Order batch #3's Lifesaver XL and Original Mats. It breaks our heart to let you wait still and so now that the new batch of these two babies are on their way to the Lil Helper warehouse 'very soon', we can't wait for you to have them.

What should I know before placing my pre-order?

Lifesaver XL and Original Mats Pre-Order are now on-going production. You should be comfortable waiting for the products to arrive at your doorstep by end-end of May 2023

Unlike the first two pre-orders, this pre-order have pre-determined quantity. Therefore, your will only be able to pre-order until supplies last. 

This time, you may add pre-order and in-stock (or non- pre-order) items to the same order. However, please expect that the fulfillment of these products/items will come together with the pre-order

This is the 4th pre-order that we’ve done and we know what we’re doing (we joke around when it comes to other silly things when it comes to fulfilling our promises, we are serious)

Why should I pre-order?

- If you like what Lil Helper as a company does and want to try out our new products without taking the risk of being disappointed if stock runs out later

- You know that Lil Helper is a reputable business and has never let down our customers.

- If you are OK to wait for a couple of weeks for your goods to arrive and not in need of these products right now.

-If you’d like to lock in your prices as our prices (like all other goods, everywhere) might go up because of what’s happening around the world (please don’t read the news)

Why should I NOT pre-order?

- If you need our Lifesavers XL and Original mats right now - please consider getting any of our available lifesaver mats in the patterns that we currently offer

When will my pre-order ship to me?

Goods are now sailing en route to warehouse in US and Canada. It should be at your doorstep by end-May 2023.

What's the discount?

Pre-Order Lifesaver XL and Original Mats will be at 15% off!! If you were to buy now, you are locking in your prices. You're welcome!! 😀🤩✨🧡

Is the shipping included?

No, shipping will not be included. Regular shipping rate/policy applies. As always, if your order is above $99 CAD/$99 USD your order will automatically qualify for free shipping.

Can I add to my pre-order?

Yes, yes, yes!! Unlike the first two pre-orders, this pre-order of the Lifesaver XL and Original mats are already on their way to our warehouse. So adding regular (or non-pre-order items) is okay. If you are also okay receiving them at the same time of the pre-order is promised to be delivered: end-May 2023.

If you have placed an order for a pre-order item and want to add another preorder item, you can simply place a new order. If your combined amount is above the free shipping minimum, or if you have paid shipping already please email and we will combine your orders and refund the shipping, if applicable.

Can I modify my print selection after I order?

You can modify your order up until the preorder has closed. Once the pre-order closes no changes or modifications to products are available.

Will these prints and combinations be available at a later time when the product is available again?

We would love to give you a definitive answer, however, we do not guarantee that the particular prints will be available in future orders.

Can I use points?

If you have any points in your account, you can definitely use the points to order your goods.

Can I use gift cards?

Yes, you may.

Can I cancel my order after placing it?

You can cancel your order until the final day (February 28th) of the pre-order by emailing . Once the pre-order has closed, cancellations are no longer permitted.

Hey, please know about our 'Limitation of Liability'

It means under no circumstances will Lil Helper be held liable for any incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out or related to this agreement. In the event Lil Helper is held liable for any damages arising out or related to this agreement, rest assured that you will be fully refunded of your purchase price without interest.