$20.00 Bundle Ready Multi-Packs

On a scale from “feathers and clouds” to “how much does a car weigh?”, how heavy is your flow? If your answer is “Minivan loaded with 3 kids going on a camping trip”, ...

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$16.00 Bundle Ready Multi-Packs

Are you one of the lucky ones? Is your flow lighter than that slightly leaky faucet no one bothers fixing? Maybe your cup or tampon is looking for a new BFF? Meet HyPs...

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Despite what every perfectly curated Facebook post, Instagram feed, or lifestyle ad would have you believe life is far from light and airy. In fact, sometimes it is do...

$30.00 Bundle Ready Multi-Packs

I don’t know who came up with the saying “less is more” but they were clearly never the proud owner of a uterus or damaged pelvic floor. Because when it comes to deali...

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God Forbid Guarantee

God forbid, if something unexpected were to happen during your pregnancy or birthing, Lil Helper Cloth Diapers will refund your entire purchase.

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